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  • wobber

    I was wondering what happened to this place as I drove by this weekend.

  • samanda_bynes

    oh cool. yeah gonna be awhile. at least it’s not an area lacking watering holes. ps. Petworth Cafe is best carryout. everyone go order butter chicken.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see something going into this block. Take your time (within reason haha!). We’re happy you are opening!

  • Bms

    The door was open to another empty store a couple doors down on the same block yesterday (next to the hair store). Hopefully something will go in there as well.

  • P

    RIP Mr. Earl, who used to work in there when it was still a hardware store. He was the man. The hardware store wasn’t very good, I blame the owner for that, guess they were never motivated to make it anything other than a ghetto hardware store. But Mr. Earl was the real deal, great guy.


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