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  • DC1

    Shaw… 1800 blk 6th St NW.

    • this all seems familiar

      down the street from Shaw’s Tavern right?

  • Bloomy

    This house built pretty far back in its lot. Thoughts? With everyone trying to maximize space, it’s a different way to go about a renovation.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      The lots in this neighborhood are pretty big and you can only have so much lot coverage, soooo it is really a matter of having a decent-sized front and back yard v. a small front yard and big back yard. I, for one, would prefer the bigger back yard for privacy, but on 6th, I could see some advantage to being set back from the road because it is so busy.

      • Bloomy

        Oh cool – I guess I assumed that the sculpture enclosed front courtyard would be considered part of the house, but I can see now how that wouldn’t be the case… ha

  • Anonymous

    It’s a yuppie jail!


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