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  • Sok

    I’ve been wondering that myself for a long time. I used to live around the block on Park and that property as well as the one just north of it have been vacant since at least 2009. If the property owner is holding on them hoping that prices will go up, I think the trains about to leave the station and may have already left.

    • Jesse

      The trains left, huh? Please enlighten.

  • Anon

    Piggybacking here about a neighboring property: anyone know what’s up with that building just to the left of this? Looks like someone started development way-back-when, but it’s been like that forever without any seeming movement.

    • Sok

      Covered in 2015 and 2011 on PoP and 2007 in WaPo

    • Herewegoagain

      That one next door was a previous “Horse’s Ass Award” nominee. I think it still is a contender! BTW, are people still pooping at the bottom of that garage access?

    • ANC 1A05

      Coincidentally, I just checked in with both Commander Emerman and Nadeau’s office on Monday re: this building, 3228 Hiatt, and I have been speaking with them about it since before I was elected this July. MPD is very aware of this property, regularly patrols/monitors it, and worked with DCRA a couple of months ago when they implemented the stop work orders. DCRA also secured and locked it down so at least from what I can tell based on my walk around it last week, the squatters are no longer on the property…they may come and go, but I’m not there 24/7 so please, phone the police when you see someone or something going on near or in that building. I am also pushing to get the OTR to reclassify that building as ‘blighted’ (but, this can be a long process that affords the owners opportunities throughout to cure or abate). In the meantime, it needs to at least revert back to its previous vacancy status, which isn’t taxed at as high a rate, but is at least pinches more than the Class 1 rate.

      Unfortunately, the owners have a history of neglect and have not demonstrated responsibility towards their community. This is a nuisance property, and it is on the radar; we’re trying to resolve this through the tools we have.


      • Anonymous

        Wow, this clown owns a bunch of large buildings in DC. And he’s litigious to boot:
        It’s ridiculous that he hasn’t moved more quickly to finish this building. He certainly has the rent roll to finance a gut rehab. It’s plain laziness on his part.

      • Paul

        Thanks. Have you been able to determine why this is just now “on the radar” after at least 8 years?

  • David T.

    I lived around the corner from this place on Park Road for a year in 2008-09 and it was in the same condition then as now–EIGHT YEARS LATER!

  • tom

    it has looked like this since at least 2004. lolz

  • mtp

    MPD had lights up at the corner of Park and Hiatt for ~4 months to attempt to deter the loitering, drinking, and open drug sales there – it didn’t really work. The block has been relatively chill lately after the lights left, but last night I had to walk past/through a dice game right there on the north side of the sidewalk.

  • PetworthGuy

    I work for a commercial real estate research firm and per our notes…The one next door has been having some permitting issues and it keeps getting pushed back (possibly due to lack of funding). The owner seems to have a few other properties in NW and has been having some issues per the article below

    Re: The house in the OP I have no info on…it seems to be a single family residence, which we don’t research. The one next door has upwards of 20 apartment units.

  • Anonymous

    The building has been in this state since I moved here in 2009.
    I once got an invite for a party in the building. It seems that the owner was trying to rent it out as a party space to generate some income. Definitely illegal.

  • Jason Ramsey

    It’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be any information about this property. I’m the OP of the information request, and (from the exterior, anyway) this looks yo be an beautiful place. This is especially disappointing given that I’m in the market currently, and this is exactly the kind of place (and location) I’m looking for. :-/

    • Paul

      The neglect here is the perfect storm of sheer incompetence and disregard for the community that is all to common in DC. A huge part of the affordability problem in our city can be blamed on deadbeat slumlords like this owner, who leave properties vacant in high-density areas for no logical reason, combined with the city’s total lack of any enforcement against blighted buildings.


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