Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

Thursday night my Maltipoo puppy, Bently, and I were taking our usual evening stroll when we were attacked by a black Pitbull, Reo. The dog was off-leash and ran down Kilbourne from 18th towards 19th where he sank into little Bentlys ear and started to toss him about. When he went in for Bently’s neck he ended up biting both Bently’s neck and my hand and started to drag us into the street as I gushed blood and tried my hardest to shield my puppy’s neck which he kept trying to snap.

The owner was absent in this until a neighbor was able to pry Reo, the Pitbull, off of us and she took hold of her dog again, finally having sauntered up the street, not heeding our screams. There was immediately a crowd of neighbors around us, two angels even rushed Bently and I both to our respective Emergency Rooms. One neighbor in the confusion picked up all my belongings strewn about the road, and found Reo’s tag with two disconnected DC numbers on it.

The owner claimed she had to leave the scene to a house around the corner, but has not come forward and I’m desperately seeking information on it’s vaccines for myself and my puppy, as well as ensuring this doesn’t happen to any of the many small children and animals in Mount Pleasant.

We’re both badly beaten and suffered puncture wounds, but are grateful as this could easily have been worse.

If anyone has any information we would be so grateful, [email protected]


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