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  • sunnytime

    Sweet! Definitely sweet!

  • JQH3

    I’d just like to point out that it is impossible to tell if someone is “taking up two spots” or not UNLESS one sees them parking. My point is that the person may have parked there while it was one spot and cars around them moved over time, hence giving the impression of the parker being a jerk through no ill will of their own. I suppose that one may believe that the impression here is enhanced, due to the make of the vehicle. However, this model is pretty cheap: you can pick one up for maybe $25K depending on wear and tear, etc.

    • stcohi

      Valid point, but sometimes you *can* tell when someone has taken up two spaces. Like parking several feet from the sign. It doesn’t help that this Rolls is probably as long as a Suburban tho.

      • b

        with all the car2gos in this city, that’s no longer a fair assumption to make.

        • JQH3

          Assuming the car2go point is correct, and assuming that the note-leaver did not actually witness the parking, I think we can agree that leaving such a note is uncool. Even if the note-leaver did see the parking and it was malicious, it is lame to leave a mean note and not just ask the person to take up only one space. Sheesh.

        • Nathan


          • ontarioroader

            Or a motorcycle, or the car adjacent was parked illegally past the sign…

          • textdoc

            Ahh, good point re. the possibility of a motorcycle causing the situation of a car not being pulled up to the end of the parkable space.

    • Impossible, in some situations, not all. There are many times when it’s quite clear, like if you park in the middle of a section that’s only big enough for 2 cars. I see this happen all the time on my block.

      • anona

        Yes, this is common where there are single family homes with driveways on either side where there’s just room for two cars in front. Though, to be honest, if I had a classic car, I’d do it to protect my car. But with my ten year old compact, even when it was new, I’m a courteous parker.

        • Truxton Thomas

          It looks like there’s a street sign and driveway behind the Rolls, so I suspect the driver left too much room for the note-leaver’s taste.

  • P. Lecheval

    Classic DC passive aggressiveness. Classic.

    • madmonk28

      The note, or your comment?

      • Truxton Thomas

        The note.

        • madmonk28

          Are we sure? I think it’s the comment.

          • James W.

            Yes, we’re sure. How do you figure a comment calling out someone for being passive aggressive is, itself, passive aggressive. That doesn’t even make sense.

    • Jan

      What about a note that directly states the complaint is passive aggressive? Is the person supposed to sit around waiting for the driver to come back and punch him in the face?

  • DCrat

    I think I’ve seen this guy around one time at Eastern Market and watched him park in a space big enough for his car without taking more room than necessary.

  • Anons

    “I’ll allow it!” – Sweet and selfish, but DEFINITELY sweet.

  • Sean

    Absolutely sweet and acceptable. The fact that the owner parks on the street at all and can fit an 80’s Corniche in a space smaller than a football field is impressive in my book.

  • stacksp

    Sweet, classic ride

    • stacksp

      And there really isn’t a concrete way to know if he took up two spaces and for such a classic like this, I might say it’s allowable to do so he won’t ding his ride. Put some respect on the Rolls and let the owner live

  • John

    It’s pretty sweet, the passive aggressive note leaver can piss off.

  • Tom

    Looks like NJ fallen police officer memorial tags. Maybe visiting?

  • Jill

    So I actually did witness someone deliberately take up two spaces in front of my house yesterday, but I didn’t know what I could say that could accomplish anything. It’s not like he didn’t know he was being selfish and making it harder for someone else to find parking. Is there anything that can really be done?

    • Anon

      You can always piss in their Cheerios?

  • Halfsmoke

    Ok everyone pay attention. Put your back tire to the sign post, not your back bumper.
    Thank you, enjoy your weekend.

    • bruno

      Ticket givers are capricious though….

    • Anon5

      Umm, no. Your entire car should be within the signs unless you want a ticket.

      • textdoc


      • halfsmoke

        Ummmm no.
        And tickets are easily protested online.

        • DupontDC

          Ummm yes. My roommate got a ticket for being 3 inches behind the sign once.

      • Anon, A Mouse

        Seeing as Popville is admissible as law, do you have a reference for the rear tire being the reg rather than the “vehicle” itself?
        For red zones it’s the vehicle and hydrants it’s the vehicle, as well as most every parking regulation in DC. Not to mention it’s also a ticket to park within 3 feet of the car in front or behind… Seriously. Or to park within 25 feet of a stop sign unless it’s clearly indicated by a contradictory sign, in which case you’re only getting a ticket about half the time. and it’s measured to your vehicle, which would be anything that is part of your vehicle.

        Or is your position – park illegally because it is easy to protest a ticket online and you will most likely get the ticket absolved?

        • Halfsmoke

          My advice is to park LEGALLY with your rear tire behind the post…or behind the white line if there is one.
          If you recieve a ticket, it takes 30 sec to dispute on line.
          I have yet to get a ticket for this btw.
          Source? Ask the people who write the tickets.

          • Anon, A Mouse

            Not trolling here, but seriously, do you have a reference to the regulation? I’m kind of a stickler for the rules and like to actually read the regs. For everything else in DC the regulations state the “vehicle” and don’t mention the tires. I did actually “ask the people who write the tickets” and they assert that the tire location is not relevant. The example they gave was to imagine a flatbed where the tires are 6 feet in from the bumper.
            So, seriousy. Do you have a REAL source? Your advice is actually your opinion and it seems based on the idea that you do something a lot and have yet to be ticketed for it. Plus you seem really sure of this, so i figured you have actual knowledge on the subject.

    • Anony

      People on our street park past the sign all the time and then it’s extremely difficult to get out of the alley. The neighbors call for parking enforcement every time, I was told. Eventually the car will have a very scraped up back left bumper from people unable to make the turn out.

  • palisades

    Por que no los dos?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a photo missing? It’s not clear from the two photos that the car is actually taking up two spaces.

    I have gotten back in my car after parking in order to move the car because I realized that I was using up an additional parking space. But I don’t lose sleep over folks who are inconsiderate or just not paying attention. For what it’s worth, most of the residents of my block are good about parking their cars in a way that doesn’t take up an extra space. Most of the folks who do take up extra space when parking are visitors – I suspect from suburban areas where no one sweats street parking..

  • andy2

    Sweet ride
    Bitter neighbor

  • bruno

    Has anyone yet been ticketed for a hard-to-read older license plate? Got a letter telling me I could replace mine, and that the city will henceforth ticket hard-to-read tags. But mine are easy to read so I’m keeping them but I wonder if they’ll get ticketed anyway when the city needs revenue?

  • an on

    If I saw that sign, I would have removed it. I’ve removed necessary passive aggressive signs before. Especially when they wouldn’t do any good, and would make me angry to see.

    • bruno

      Best to chill and move on to another parking space.

  • SassyinDC

    Would love to know if it was a vanity plate. We have two neighbors with this car here in Hillcrest (EOTR). We all go to the Hill for restaurants and Harris Teeter.

  • annonny

    Oh dear god, the insufferable martyrdom of Capitol Hill types….space around Eastern Market is not “at a premium” unless you are so lazy you can’t walk more than a block to get to your car. Seriously, passive-aggressive note writer, get a life.


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