Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Stolen Laptop and Bag “with my computer and passport”

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2016 at 4:00 pm 15 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I was the unfortunate victim of a car break in that happened in front of my house between 10:30 and 11:30 this morning, in broad daylight. They busted my car window and made off with a laptop bag with my computer and passport. The car was parked on a quiet sleepy street up in Takoma, right next to the Takoma Rec Center. I know it is never smart to leave anything in the car, but I was hoping we might get something back.

If anyone comes across a black bag, Macbook Air or a US and/or UK passport, could they could contact me at [email protected] or turn it to the DC Police 4th District.”

  • Kay

    How many times do you have to hear not to leave anything in your car?? No matter what the neighborhood! Anything in sight is enticing to crooks and easy to smash and grab. I live in Cap Hill NE, very safe area and am told there is a certain guy who cruises the streets at 2 am pulling on car door handles to see if someone has left it opened. He takes small change, whatever he can get and closes the door and even locks it! How considerate. This is a big city where people use drugs openly on the street. They need $$ for drugs and even small change adds up. Good luck finding things. One neighbor of mine got her car hit 3 times. She kept thinking it was the last time but the crook just kept coming back when he would see her car. That’s just asking for it.

    • Anonymous

      How many times does someone who is only asking people to look out for their stolen gear have to hear about how wrong they were to leave their gear in a place where it could get stolen?

  • Takoma

    I live in the area and read the crime reports daily- there is a theft from auto around the Takoma rec center almost every day, and I often see broken car glass on the street. So, this is not an anomaly for the area.

    • jumpingjack

      + 100. There was just a discussion a couple of months ago on the TakomaDC listserve, by someone who was shocked, SHOCKED, that her purse was stolen from the front seat of her car when it was “only” left for 5-10 minutes as she dropped off her kids at a day care center near the rec center. We live in a city. There is crime.

      • Takoma

        According to the crime report, there were THREE theft from autos yesterday in this area, presumably including the OP’s- which is not unusual. I’m surprised someone who lives there is not aware of this.

  • Scootergal202

    Every time I hear about thefts up by the Takoma Rec Center I think about the dog park group that has been trying to get a dog park up there for years. The group specifically mentioned in their proposal that the increased foot traffic would probably lessen crime in the area, yet apparently a handful of NIMBYs keep pushing back.

  • moleandpabst

    You have a better chance of riding metro incident free than finding any said items. Ole

  • Vered

    Look, they break in even when there’s nothing inside, and it doesn’t have to be on a public street. Someone busted into my car while it was parked in my back alley car pad. It had what, a bunch of bundled shopping bags on the backseat floor and a few other things of little significance on the seat. The police told me not to let things accumulate in the car, however worthless, because if it looks like something might be in there, someone will go after it. Loss of passport is a heavy hit, I’m very sorry this happened to you.

  • anon

    I always assumed criminals just were going for change/a few bucks every time they broke into a car, but PoP has taught me that it’s a legit, lucrative enterprise. Boggles the mind what people leave for the taking.

  • tired of crime in dc

    I was at the gas station at the corner of New Hampshire and Blair Road on 7/25, bag with computer, phone, passport, glasses stolen from my car while I was inside paying. I’m an idiot and didn’t lock my car this time. And to think that I go INSIDE to pay because my info’s been stolen while paying at the pump in DC.

    The guy had done it before, and I could have called him as up to no good when he came in and said “I owe you a dollar” to scout where I was. Went outside and stuff was gone. Next thing I know, he’s walking down from behind some houses, no bag in hand, but he was definitely watching me. I spent hours scouring the bushes.

    As it turns out, cops responded and yup, got him on video, and it’s the guy I thought it was. Checked all my doors when I was inside, came in to check on me, then went out and grabbed my stuff.

    When I called the detective a few days later he didn’t know the cops who responded didn’t get the video themselves, and that he needed to go follow up. Are you serious? Clear photo/description of the guy, and nothing has been posted? He’s definitely done it before and will do it again, ass hole.

    And just one month ago my window was broken, even though there was nothing in my car and nothing to take

    • Pixie

      This actually happens a lot at the BP Gas station at Blair and Cedar unfortunately.

    • MRD

      I make a habit of locking the doors when I stand at the pump as well. Learned this after watching a woman get her purse snatched through an open window while she was watching the pump.

      • jumpingjack

        That’s a good practice. I know someone whose entire car was stolen (with her purse in it) as she stood next to it pumping gas. She’d left the doors unlocked and he climbed in through the passenger side. The car had the keyless start, so he was able to start it (and drive off) by pushing a button because her purse was nearby with her keys in it.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for your losses but thanks for validating my “paranoia.” I put my wallet and phone in the console when I am driving but if I get out for anything – even to run in to a store for a minute – I take them with me. My doors lock automatically when I move a couple of feet away from the car. But I take my stuff anyway.

  • mdtodc

    If someone took my laptop I would lose it. SO sorry. What street specifically was your car on if you don’t mind saying?


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