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“They all mob the stand and just start stuffing their shirts and pockets with her items and she tries to grab them and they start throwing eggs at her”

by Prince Of Petworth August 29, 2016 at 12:50 pm 83 Comments

3900 Georgia Ave, NW

A reader reported on Friday:

“At approx. 5:15 I was getting off the georgia ave metro and a group of kids was in a clump behind me and then I realize that they were throwing eggs at people and cars and at the buses. So I dropped down behind them so they can’t hit me with the eggs and we pass this one corner where there’s an older woman who wears a full hijab who has like a little stand all the time just selling like kind of like sunglasses and umbrellas and stuff. They all mob the stand and just start stuffing their shirts and pockets with her items and she tries to grab them and they start throwing eggs at her. After they left I walked up to her and apologize just because it was so awful and gave her the money i had in my wallet because I didn’t know what else to do it was so awful. I was wondering if you could make a post for people in the Petworth neighborhood to keep an eye out for violence in the area, speak up when it’s safe to do so and maybe to buy something from this woman when they see her? She’s usually out front of the Wendy’s on Georgia.”

  • Lisa

    I’ve noticed a serious increase in huge groups of kids causing trouble now that school has started. Can we have some sort of permanent police presence outside the Metro station after school lets out?

    • artemis

      There is definitely a noticeable metro police presence at Columbia Heights metro since school started.

  • SW 20011

    Too bad they don’t egg the Wendy’s, the true BLIGHT of the neighborhood.

    • Swdc

      Yeah, right, the Wendy’s is the problem there. ..

      • SW 20011

        I’m sorry, do you live here? The Wendy’s is a blight on the neighborhood.

        • LittleBluePenguin


        • Fred

          “I live here” doesn’t support your thesis at all. Do you mean…Wendy’s serves cheap but probably unhealthy food that is mass produced and imported from out of state. It has a drive-thru and parking lot which stands out in the urban fabric and street design of the rest of that rapidly developing section of Georgia Ave. The design of the building itself leaves much to be desired, but then there are plenty of buildings in that area that are similarly boring and grimy looking. It provides minimum wage jobs but perhaps a newer business in its place would provide higher paying jobs, but probably to more experienced, skilled employees. Those would be legitimate issues. It’s hard to tell from your comment if maybe you are just snobbish about fast food establishments. There are those people. I remember the protests over the Subway coming to Mt Pleasant. Maybe just relax a little, don’t get so hyperbolic, don’t encourage egg throwing unless it’s at Donald Trump :)

          • wdc

            LOL, you’re really bending over backwards to miss the point!

          • Josh

            Fred: “I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

          • MsSunshine

            It’s one of the most cited (for health violations) in the city. It was last shut down in march for rodents and other pests. Yum.

          • tom

            In fairness to Fred, he did lay out a rational case. Unlike people who keep saying wendys is a blight without laying out why.

        • tacopuss

          If by “blight” you mean “source of delicious Baconators,” then I agree!

          • west_egg

            And 50 cent Frostys for a limited time!

          • stacksp

            Not sure I am totally for getting rid of the Wendys as I was a kid with $3.15 to my name after school and that used to be able to get me a dollar sandwich, french fries and a drink.

            Not everyone has the funds to spend $10-12 on a sandwich that isnt any more filling than a traditional fast food place.

            I remember getting the steak sandwich from DC Reynolds for about that price and I had to stop elsewhere because I was still hungry

  • U st.

    These kids clearly crossed the line from “kids being kids” to brazenly shop lifting right in front of an adult. It makes me sad when kids no longer fear an adult catching them in an act whether it is egg throwing or shop lifting. Please tell me you called the police! Sounds like you had time to make the call and describe the kids.

  • huh

    video, please. record them next time.

    • Hopefully the Wendy’s has security surveillance video?

      • DF

        Even Safeway might have video.

  • paula

    UGH how awful. are kids worse today or have they always been little shits? LOL.

    I see a group of kids and I will automatically cross the street or turn the other way, etc.

    I just feel like so many of them these days have literally nothing better to do than to create havoc. so frustrating.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I don’t know if it’s a problem unique to DC, but yeah, judging from the things I see on the evening news and read about on here every single day, they’re definitely worse today.

  • Where are the good guys with eggs when you need them?

    • Mamasan

      So wrong that I laughed at that.

    • mdtodc


  • FridayGirl

    Since no one else said it, I hope someone called the police. I would have done that first.

    • FridayGirl

      Oh, nevermind — U St. said it above. I would have called the police when I saw they were throwing eggs, nevermind the larger incident.

  • Prince of 16th Street Heights

    Your comment doesn’t say whether or not you called the police. It sounds obvious, but Georgia Avenue Metro Station is a hangout for MCPD and for Metro Transit Police, and their response times are usually pretty good, especially if it’s not when they have simultaneous calls (i.e., from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday nights). It sounds like this was shoplifting and assault, and the number of assailants makes me think an officer would be able to ID or catch at least one of them. Also, second the motion on taking video. These kids don’t exactly commute to commit their crimes; if they’re on video the cops have a means to arrest them later.

  • anonymous

    I just really want to know what do the parents do – when these kids do get caught and get in trouble. Do they just laugh it off or do they try address the issues. And at what point can their parents be held accountable. Teenagers/kids makes up 75% of the issues that I see around my area or even when traveling throughout the city.

    • Anacostia

      Parents? Plural? Part of the problem is there is normally only one parent. Not two. And the other problem is that the singular parent is horribly unfit for parenthood, had the child when they themselves were a child, and were also raised in a culture where this behavior is ok.

      • FridayGirl

        Or work two jobs and can’t afford any kind of extracurriculars/support for their children while they’re not home.

        • Anon

          Hell, I know rich kids that grew up in NoVA and did all sorts of horrible things as teenagers because their parents were too busy with work and commuting to ever be around. Teenagers need to be supervised by adults, period.

          • anon

            Period? Maybe an ellipse and a policy proposal for how to make that easier/incentivized?
            But then that’d imply more desire to see it happen than to just bitch that it won’t.

          • lizcolleena

            Disagree. Kids need to be raised with and taught respect, discipline and quality education – by parents who have time to support them and aren’t systemically required to basically work so much they have no time to spend with their kids – so that when they’re teenagers they can be trusted out on the streets of their neighborhoods on their own during appropriate hours. If teens are supervised all the time, they’ll never learn any independence for themselves which is incredibly valuable for their young adult years (in college, transitioning to work, etc.). How can you expect an 18yo to suddenly be responsible for themselves and make proper decisions if they’ve never spent a couple hours on their own after school?

    • Effie

      Anon – sometimes you do have to keep in mind each child’s specific background. I’ve worked with kids in the past, where I have brought up a certain issue to the parent, and the parent really did not care all that much. The parent was too busy worried about working 2 sometimes 3 jobs and just wasn’t around enough to care. So you have a child, who is not getting positively encouraged, who has no positive influence around them after school is let out, and is surrounded unfortunately by a crowd of peers who are getting into trouble. It’s sad and its frustrating as a teacher.

  • Anon

    Isn’t this a call the police kind of situation? They were throwing objects at moving vehicles, and shoplifting, and assaulting people. Aren’t those all illegal activities? It’s also not clear to me why the OP is asking people to watch out specifically for the woman in the hijab when the miscreants were targeting everyone and everything in sight.

    • Issac

      Laughable. Nice try but OP was not singling out the woman in hijab, rather noting that out of all of the victims she perhaps was the most affected considering her business was flash mobbed and robbed.

      • Anon

        What was a nice try?

        • Isaac

          Reread what you wrote. You’re implying that somehow the elderly woman in hjab is worthy of special attention compared to other victims. A bit of dick move considering we live in an era of widespread Islamophobia. I can say with certainty she was NOT targeted because her dress rather because the kids felt like stealing and would have done so if she was dressed up like Big Bird or Ronald McDonald.

          • Anon

            Isaac, I think you’re belaboring something that isn’t there. Relax.

          • Anon

            I reread it eight times and that’s actually the exact opposite of what I said!

    • Anon

      I think OP meant that the financial burden that woman endured is probably much, much greater than having your car egged. My guess is that the hijab was an identifiable feature rather than a factor in his decision to ask people to help her.

  • ajr

    Everyone breathe – the OP may have called the police! As far as why the OP is asking for help for one person rather than all, the other affected people won’t be in the same spot for those in the community to reach out, but the lady with her cart is.

    • Anon

      It just seemed like an odd part of the story to leave out if it did in fact happen. If a police report was filed the woman should have been able to file an insurance claim for the stolen goods, so why did the OP take it on themselves to reimburse her? It was a nice gesture but innocent citizens shouldn’t be taking responsibility for crime when it happens.

      • wdc

        Insurance? On a street cart run by people so destitute that they sit all day in this weather in crime-heavy part of town?
        You really have no idea how the very poor, including recent immigrants, live, do you?

        • Anon

          +1 Chances are extremely low that she had insurance, and even if she did, I’m guessing paying the deductible would have an impact on her life. She absolutely deserves help from the community.

        • dcd

          +1. I mean, come on.

        • Anon

          To be fair, I’ve never seen the cart or person in question so I didn’t assume she was destitute. Not all recent immigrants are (and who’s to say she even is one?).

  • Anonymous

    I love how MPD “claims” they are putting more patrols at the Petworth metro, yet every day issues still happen. No arrests. No one even questioned or detained. Meanwhile, innocent people are being harassed and hurt on a daily basis. Chances are MPD will blame Metro Police, who to be fair never do anything either. We need more plain clothes officers and some sort of strategy to criminal enforcement. MPD is drowning with a react/respond strategy when they are short officers and 911 response times are slow (if it’s even operational!).

    • west_egg

      I saw someone being detained by multiple police officers outside the GA Ave Metro last week.

    • anon

      I love how everybody likes to bitch about how the police and the government never accomplish anything, never acknowledge when it does, and never have reasonable or specific ideas on how to make anything better.

  • Effie

    This makes me really sad. I would have given her $ as well, thank you for doing that!
    About a month ago, I saw a group of kids in front of a school (I won’t say which).. I was driving on a nearby street and saw them – one kid would stand on side of the street, while another kid would stand on the other side.. then they would take a roll of toilet paper and stretch it from one side of the street to the other.. they watched and laughed as cars had no choice but to drive through the line of toilet paper. It was quite odd. No eggs involved.. but still an annoyance.

    • Effie

      I wondered how there was no teacher, no principal, who said anything? They were directly outside of the school, so it wasn’t like you couldn’t see them

      • Anonamom

        If this occurred a month ago, then school was not in session. Although there would have been minimal staff in the building, they would very likely not be looking out the windows for things like this.

    • spookiness

      I fully endorse juvenile pranks involving TP. But eggs and shoplifting, no.

    • Morton

      This TP prank, to me, seems relatively harmless, and is definitely something that would have been within the normal realm of pranks I played as a teen. It is very different than hitting someone with eggs and stealing their stuff.

      • wdc


      • Imagine you’re a driver who sees kids standing on the road so you’re being cautious of them, then you suddenly see something about to hit your car / windshield / whatever. How fast and properly do you react? What if you swerve and hit another car, or even worse the child? In theory it’s harmless, but it could result in something very tragic. Don’t mess around with cars in DC, people already have a hard enough time driving here.

        • Anon

          +1 This is very dangerous!

      • mdtodc

        That is a fair point, but when I was reading this I initially thought, oh shit, that is dangerous. What if the driver got in an accident? I honestly don’t think the whole toilet paper/car thing is harmless.

  • teacherlady

    If you see groups of kids wearing school uniforms doing this kind of stuff it is worth it to try and identify what school they are coming from and call them directly.

    • Anon

      Or call MPD, which will also notify and coordinate with the school.

  • tvl

    I saw a similar incident at the intersection of Georgia Ave and New Hampshire Ave last week. At least 2-3 teenagers were fighting amongst a larger group of teenagers. The group as a whole started to move through traffic and a lot of cars started honking at them to cut it out. I IMMEDIATELY called 911. By the time I explained my location and situation to the dispatcher, the actual fighting appeared to have stopped. I asked the dispatcher to send a car for a drive by, since the group was still moving down Georgia Ave, and she simply asked ME TO CALL BACK IF THEY STARTED FIGHTING AGAIN. Therefore, please call 911 and also notify Brandon Todd if you are not receiving a proper response to these concerns.

    • ParkViewneighbor

      notify Brandon Todd if you are not receiving a proper response to these concerns


      • madmonk28

        Yeah, we all needed that laugh.

    • tvl

      I.e. the dispatcher dismissed my request for a drive by after confirming that the fighting had stopped, and said that I should call them back if the fighting started again.

      • mdtodc

        When you say dismissed, do you mean she legitimately wouldn’t send an officer?
        Can I ask what she said in response because dispatchers often have to take other calls, and thus tell the caller to call back if it gets worse/ anything changes. If that was the case, I would assume she was following normal protocol. If she genuinely said, no we are not sending an officer, then that is unacceptable.

  • Angry Parakeet

    That’s a tough spot to plant a mini-business. Terrible traffic, over-crowded sidewalk, street hangers-on…the vendor also has piles of stuff all around. Poor woman to have to endure such crap, but I’ve wondered if it’s even a legal spot to vend from (does the owner have a permit) AND how successful is the business?

    • wobber

      I have often wondered the same thing. But, business license or not, this vendor was robbed and assaulted which is against the law. These kids were likely coming from Roosevelt High School.

      • frustrated

        A couple of years ago I made the mistake of thinking that some students I was having issues with were coming from Roosevelt – turns out it was EL Haynes.

        • dcd

          I remember this (generally). Parents at ELH seem to think their students are above this sort of thing. Not so much. You take the bad (same issues as many other DC public and public charter schools) with the good (charter schools that truly try to cater to a representative cross-section of the student population, as opposed to other charter schools who pay lip service to that ideal, but then do everything in their power to counsel out or otherwise exclude kids with IEPs, discipline problems, poor performers, etc.).

  • I live in the building beside the Wendys in the background. I see that stand every single day. The man and that woman set up from SUn Up to SUn Down. They used to break down their items in a burgundy van; over the past 2 weeks or so, I guess they upgraded to an unmarked UHAUL Truck. I just got some white TShirts on Saturday. But what happened here is horrible.

  • Monday

    I was in the CVS at 14th/Irving a few weekends ago around 11:30PM when a group of 20 kids probably around 15 years old ran into the store and started grabbing as many snacks and sodas as they could carry and rushed back out the door, leaving a trail of busted chips and food throughout the aisles. The security guard and cashiers could only stand back and call the cops.

    • stacksp

      7-11 used to institute a 2 at a time rule back in the day for all students after school and I remember that PG plaza used to escort students out of the mall during school hours. Not sure if either of those practices are still being upheld.

  • anon36

    Anyone else see the pack of 20-30 teenagers walking down Georgia at like 11PM?

    • Eric Luntz

      Yes! I saw that on both Friday and Saturday night, but the group I saw was made up of at least 50 teens.

  • say what

    Things are worse, you aren’t imagining that. We have fewer cops now than than we did 10 years ago and yet the population has increated by close to 70K people. You do the math. Council is too busy trying to figure out whats to give juvenile offenders 15 chances to get out of jail until they rape someone (see post investigation about rape in Hill east, very enlightening). Why should police even bother arresting this assholes? As for the woman, that sucks she went through that but she also doesn’t have a license to sell in public space so she is also breaking the law.

    • textdoc

      Their crime > her crime (IF she is indeed vending without a license).

      • stacksp


      • mdtodc

        ya… I am just going to agree with textdoc and not offer my own response.

    • wdc

      Schroedinger’s Immigrant: Simultaneously steals your job (or in this case breaks the law to support herself) and lazes around on public handouts.

    • Guillermo Brown

      DC has more police officers per 10k residents than any other city in the country with more than 400k residents. The problem is not the number of police out there

  • Jade

    Oh my goodness! This woman and this stand is right outside my building! That’s awful and I’ll have to make sure to be extra kind to her tomorrow.

    I also noticed an increased police presence but if I see anything like this, I will ABSOLUTELU try to stop it or call the cops. This is horrendous behavior!

  • James

    What sucks with this site are the times comments take important updates and then fill them with racism. Like commenters are all suggesting more police for … children. These comments jump on policing instead of asking about their access to quality resources and after school programming (which is statistically known to decrease behaviors like this) or the fact that many black youth are homeless because their families can’t sustain the rising cost of housing, and I think most of us on this cute are contributing to that… Looking at the factors, of course kids are going to act out! And while even kids should be held accountable, I see so many posts that take it too far to a point where helping the black kids is not a priority while punishing them is. When I see white middle class kids acting out, they get referred to therapy.

  • ChooChooPolice

    MTPD doesn’t have enough officers. MPD doesn’t have enough officers. Now that the school year has commenced, MTPD has to monitor a whole lot of stations that have high juvenile activity that occurs at the same time period. MTPD just doesn’t have enough officers to adequately do that while still being able to patrol other stations, trains, rush hour crowds, answer calls for service, etc. Consider this, when schools out, the areas that get hit with juvenile activity are : Tenlytown, Gallery Place, Union Station, Rhode Island, Brookland, FtTotten, GeorgiaAve, ColumbiaHeights, Shaw, Anacostia, CongressHeights, Eastern Market, PotomacAve, Stadium, BenningRd, AddisionRd, MinnesotaAve, and Deanwood. That’s 18 stations just related to juveniles. MetroTransitPolice is just spread to thin, and like there counterparts police agencies need more police officers. With limited amount of cops, you can’t have all these specialized units like more plainclothes officers or more crime suppression teams, because you still need to staff uniformed patrol officers to cover beats. And before you say to yourself, “wtf is he talking about, they got like 400-500 officers”, you have to realize that that number is broken down by different shifts, different days off, officials, non-patrol units, etc. So you don’t have 400 people working at once. So one of the areas to fix is recruitment and retainment of police officers. I could go and on and on about other deeper factors like how current police/public relations, officer morale, etc affect policing and retainment, but then I would probably exceed the maximum allowed characters in a comment. Anyways, about those youts, The OAG which handles juvenile delinquents are in my opinion soft. I understand the idea of diversion for first time offenders and even to a degree 2nd and 3rd time offenders. But to no paper cases or give slap on the wrist sentences to multiple time offenders, just continues the cycle. I feel like I went off on a tangent and am now just ranting about different topics. Anyways this offense would be on MPD, and I’d suggest asking more presence from MPD’s school safety division, which in turn would seek assistance from metro transit police. But as I stated before, we’re spread to thin.


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