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  • anon

    You could probably post that same sign across half of the District and be equally correct.

  • anon29

    I lived on Euclid across from the baseball field and was religious about not leaving anything in visible in the car – no change left visible, no chargers, no clothes, NOTHING. One day I accidentally left an empty brown paper bag in my passenger seat. About an hour after I got home from work, I got a knock on the door from the police asking if a particular car was mine and my stomach dropped. My window was smashed in and the bag was left in the street next to my car. The person did this in broad daylight. Due to some protocol, they would not finger print the car even though there were were very clear prints on the windshield where the person rested their hand. Because of the type of car and the glass needed I had to come out of pocket almost $800 for the replacement. Long story short, DON”T LEAVE ANYTHING VISIBLE IN YOUR CAR. People are d$cks.

    • west_egg

      If it makes you feel any better (it won’t), I had my car window smashed a couple of years ago and I didn’t even have the brown paper bag on the seat. I really, truly had absolutely nothing visible in the cabin (and nothing of value anywhere at all, for that matter). D$cks indeed.

    • jumpingjack

      Ugh. But this makes me feel more justified in reminding my BF to not leave empty paper bags visible in his car. He thinks I’m being paranoid. But I like his car to have glass in the windows.

      • Shortly after moving to DC (Adams Morgan), our car was broken into. After that first time–when all they got was a travel razor and some spare change–we never once left anything, however small or insignificant, in the car–in or out of sight–yet during the 10 years we lived in Adams Morgan and then Dupont Circle, our car continued to be broken into approximately every other year.

    • Q

      WOW. And I thought I was being paranoid by putting my iPhone cord in my glove box every night. That’s insane, man.

      • notwrong

        someone smashed my window and broke a bunch of mix tapes (cassettes) that I made in the 80s. So, the actual value of the object is irrelevant to whether someone will break your window to grab it.

        • v

          this hurts my heart. I still have some of my favourite mix tapes too

  • Hill Denizen

    Someone should highlight/underline/bold “any”. So many people who aren’t used to living in cities looks so dumbfounded when I say, “it doesn’t matter if there’s nothing but sweaty socks in your gym bag. A thief doesn’t know that.”

    • textdoc


  • MK

    Better than the police’s plan reported here a while back to put conspicuous warnings on cars WITH items in them! Aka thief invitations…

  • Anony


  • bruno

    When has this not been the case in D.C.? <—- Long-timer :^)

  • jsauri

    Years ago my friend’s car was broken into while she was visiting her boyfriend who lived downstairs from me. They got the couple’s bowling balls, spare change, random bag, clothes, etc. The only thing left were a couple of my Journey CDs I had left in there! :)

  • Arouet

    I leave shit in my car all the time and have no problems, while cars 1-2 spots away have garbage bags covering their broken windows. The trick is to have a car so awful no thief would think anything valuable is under your scattering of fast food bags.

    • windows

      nope, the car I got cassette tapes stolen out of (broken window) was a ’97 corolla with extensive body damage (dents and whatnot). So, car shoddiness doesn’t matter to at least some thieves.

    • LN

      Ditto windows. I have a ’93 Accord and my husband drives a ’00 Ford Ranger; both are pretty beat up and both have gotten broken into on our quiet street, without anything of value being in (or out) of view. Mostly I was pissed because the culprits left my door ajar, which meant the battery was dead by the time I found it. Also, finding a replacement window for a car that old is a PITA.

    • Tinkerer

      I’d like to second this – my banged up Subaru is a mess inside and out – generally covered in garden dirt and fur. The random shit I leave on the floorboards has yet to lead to grief, though I’m probably jinxing myself by posting this. I also religioiusly avoid Hiatt, though my walks by there on the morning have yielded no anecdotal pattern to types of cars that are attacked.

      • KS

        Yes! There are two cars sitting on Haitt right now with broken windows. Every week it’s a new car.

  • v


  • Broken Window Theory

    13th Street between Florida and Euclid…every single morning. Multiple windows. Mine got it once too,, and I didn’t have anything in my car. MPD didn’t get a shit, zero follow up.

  • Lucy Chong

    The thieves in my alley (between Willard & U St NW) are very respectable. They somehow jimmy open my door and empty the useless contents of my glove box on my seat and leave it there. They didn’t even take the quasi-good stuff like the Chargers or pocket knife. Weird.

    • Petworth

      This happened to me in Petworth, I think they took some change, but left my decent sunglasses, chargers, leatherman etc. Made me think I left the door unlocked or something, but I don’t think I did. Very weird.

    • werid

      yeah some weirdo does this in bloomingdale too. i’ve probably found the contents of my glovebox emptied on the passenger floor a dozen times with items of moderate (>$0.01) value left (like CDs). I think they are looking to score a GPS or iPod and if they don’t get it move on. at least they don’t break windows doing it.


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