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  • dat

    I live a block away, was awake at that time, and heard nothing. Can anyone else substantiate this?

    • Amanda

      Yes, I live on the block and heard it too. It woke me up from a sound sleep and I still heard 5 more shots after I was awake. All of our neighbors came outside after, having also heard the shots. It sounded VERY close, as if it was in the middle of the street!

    • anon

      I’m in the 300 block of Shepherd and was sleeping with the windows open. Heard 3-4 shots, a brief pause and then another 3-4 shots. Sounded extremely close though my half asleep sense of direction placed it somewhere on Taylor. We called 911 and there were cops zooming around through the alleys (lights and sirens off) within minutes. Never heard or saw an ambulance, which I usually take as a good sign.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      I also live a block away, but slept through it because basement apartment.

  • jonah

    I am the ANC Commissioner for this area. If anyone has more details I would be very interested. I will also follow up with Lt. Washington and see if there was anything reported and/or found.

    • jonah

      MPD confirms they responded to ‘sounds of gun fire’ but found no evidence or individuals needing medical attention.

  • We heard it too, around 11:15-:30. Many pops – 6 to 8. It wasn’t on our street (4th St) as no one moved from their usual spots where they stand around. The cops came and did a drive by of our alley soon after.

  • Bean617

    Heard it from the 400 block of Shepherd, several pops (I’d have guessed 8-10 but they came in bursts, wasn’t counting) but didn’t hear any yells, sirens or commotion following. Hopefully just some silly kids playing with firecrackers or shooting into the sky.

  • MGV

    They found a bunch of casings on Taylor between Illinois and 4th this morning. Cops have it roped off.

    • Do you mean another shooting/shots fired happened Tuesday night in addition to the original one reported?

  • Randi Blank

    I was one of the folks that called the police when I heard the shots. Saw MPD do a drive by on my block (Shepherd).


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