Tchoup’s Market opens in former Alfie’s (Mothership) Space “inspired by the po-boy joints and bars of New Orleans”

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2016 at 10:20 am 14 Comments

tchoup's market
3301 Georgia Ave, NW

Tchoup’s Market (which opened 5pm on Thursday) facebook says:

“Tchoup’s Market (pronounced Chops) is a casual, laid back cocktail bar and restaurant inspired the po-boy joints and bars of New Orleans.”

Looks legit:

via Tchoup’s

A bit hard to read but for those with good eyes a peek at the menu after the jump:


  • Ben

    Love the url Dan – and can’t wait!!! A oyster po-boy and a beer next door sounds like a killer combo!

    • Ben

      Also it should be noted: Very fitting that a place “inspired by the po-boy joints and bars of New Orleans” is opening in Motherships, which, for those that don’t know, is also a killer po-boy joint in New Orleans

      • ET

        I miss Mother’s…… Was my dad’s favorite which was a good news bad news thing as it was practically across the street from his office.

        inspired by New Orleans=we aren’t quite sure what makes a good po-boy but we will try (they will get the bread very wrong)

        • ET

          I should have looked more closely at the picture of the box…. LEIDENHEIMER”s is a good start to not screwing up the bread.

  • neighbor

    Prices on menus people. Put prices on your menus.

    • Anony

      There might be a reason for that….either they haven’t figured that out which would be surprising given that is the basis for profitability or they don’t want to scare you off

  • Anony

    Uggh can these “cool and hip” restaurateurs just stick with a winner? As soon as I like a place and start to regularly visit they ‘refresh’, ‘change concepts’, ‘pop up’, etc…

  • Emmaleigh504

    I guess Tchoupitoulas was too hard to spell. :)

    • ET

      Haha. The whole pronunciation thing would also be a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!!!! Hot Chicken AND Pimento Cheeseburger. Love it. Can’t wait for his Upshur location too.

  • stacksp

    No Char grilled Oysters but I still might try this place out.

  • JM

    Looks tasty but wish they had some regular entrees, not just sandwiches. Never been a fan of eating a sandwich for dinner.

  • Mark

    Does anyone know the hours for this spot? I have looked at like 7 articles and none say the days or hours they are actually open :(

  • Mmmmm, debris…


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