Get Ready for Bullfrog Bagels, 2nd Brick and Mortar, near Eastern Market

by Prince Of Petworth August 23, 2016 at 10:22 pm 27 Comments

317 7th Street, SE

The massive renovation is nearly completed for Bullfrog Bagels but it’ll surely be worth the wait.

“New Restaurant offering a great selection of bagelwiches, brunch and supper. Total Occupancy Load is 35. Sidewalk Café with 7 seats.”

Check out their menu here. You can find Bullfrog bagels all over town these days including their first brick and mortar at 1341 H Street NE inside Star & Shamrock.

The good word from Bullfrog Bagels on the Eastern Market opening date (as of this morning) in:

About 10 days

bullfrog bagels

  • They’ve done a really nice job with the outside. Hopefully having their own space will fix a lot of the issues they had on H Street.

  • Anonymous

    I found their bagels underwhelming, and the service even worse. I had once ordered bagels for Mother’s Day, only to show up and be told they were out of bagels. I later found out that Jeremiah himself fell asleep early the night before and just forgot to look at my order. Throughout the whole ordeal, not a single apology. I’ll stick with Bethesda Bagels, thanks.

    • Mojotron

      Never knew the founder’s name was “Jeremiah” so I just put together why they’re called “Bullfrog”.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      Yep, Bethesda Bagel in Dupont is still my go-to bagel spot.

  • KellyKapowski

    Oooh the outside reminds me of New Orleans, I like it!


    I hear a lot of people talk about these (and I may have even tried one without knowing at Smuckers on 14th) – are they worthy of the hype? Nice looking space regardless.

    • dcinsider2

      Best in DC. Very much looking forward to having them in my neighborhood.

      • anon

        yes, but very low bar for DC. they don’t even compare to dozens of good neighborhood bagel spots throughout NY metro area, especially on quality consistency (sometimes they are very good but not always). price point is very high as well.

        • Especially if you get anything in them. Their portions for meat, avocado, cheese, spreads, etc are pathetic.

    • In my experience, no, not at all. Within the city I prefer Bethesda Bagels (in Dupont), but I’m willing to give them yet another shot here once they open, just because of proximity.

      • sbc

        Bethesda’s are pretty good. I also like the bagels at Buffalo & Bergen. Outside of DC, my favorites are Ize’s near White Flint and Goldberg’s (various places in Montgomery County).

        There are 2 places in DC that have surprisingly good bagels but I don’t know if they make them on site: K St Cafe near 20th and K NW, and Bagels Etc. at 21st & P NW

        • Yeah I’m a big fan of Goldberg’s, along with Georgetown Bagels (in Bethesda, of course, just to confuse people more).

      • OP Anon

        Bethesda’s are still the best, IMHO.
        And I love their house made donuts. They reminds me a lot of the Vietnamese and Cambodian-owned donut shops in SoCal. Same consistency.

    • Jno

      Not really. I hate the egg wash they put on their bagels. They’re also hard. The best bagels imho are at 15th and U at Bread Bite.

  • Jesse

    How do I get a stroller with all the kids up those steps?

    • Anonymous

      Leave it outside? The place looks way too small to even bring a stroller inside on a busy weekend morning.
      I have more concern for the wheelchair-bound who want a bagel. Does this building not need to be ADA compliant?

      • bll

        Good point. At best the shops along this stretch have one step in, meaning they may have a ramp they keep inside, at worst there are 5-6 steep steps like the ones here.

      • Not Jesse

        I have often thought about leaving the stroller full of kids outside, but then I remember that they will one day be taking care of me when I’m old and crazy.

        • INWDC


      • There are several exceptions allowed to buildings that are within a / the historic district, as this building happens to be. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of restaurants in DC in similar converted rowhome setups that have stairs like these.

      • North Cleveland Park

        I know a lot of older buildings (including the one I work in in Georgetown) are grandfathered into the ADA requirements due to their age. Perhaps that’s the case here too?

    • I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but it’s not really a sit-down space with room for tables, mulling around, etc. Leave the stroller outside with your partner (if you have one), or eat at one of the dozens of other places nearby.

      • Jill

        I’ve noticed a lot of the businesses along this stretch often have empty strollers parked out front (especially on the weekends). Looks like that may be harder to do here, though, since they seem to have a standing counter setup out front?

        • There definitely appears to be one in the first photo, unless you mean something else by standing counter.

          • Jill

            What else could that mean?

  • Hukiyoyo

    Their frog looks like something out of a Jonathan Blum portrait. Very cute!

  • Effie

    Not a huge fan of bagel shops.. but have to say that the outside is very nice looking, I love the style major points!


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