Washington, DC

6th and M Street, NE

A reader reports at 12:15pm:

“Double shooting at 6th and M, NE. 2 blocks from union market.”

From Alert DC:

“1D Shooting at 1206 hrs in the 500 M Street NE. Lookout for B/M, W/Dreads wearing colorful shirt”

Update from MPD:

“ADW Gun 6th and M Street, NE: a black male approached 3 complainants standing at the corner of 6th and M Street, NE and produced a handgun. Two victims shot in the legs (Non-life threatening) the other grazed by a bullet.

DC Police and Detectives are currently investigating the situation and if there is anyone in the community that has additional information to share, please contact the Command Information Center 202-727-9099. There is no further information at this time as the investigation is ongoing.”


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