Details about the 7:15pm Shooting in the 1300 block of Hamilton St, NW (Hamiliton Recreation Center)

by Prince Of Petworth August 19, 2016 at 8:54 am 17 Comments

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Thanks to all who tweeted info to @PoPville while events were unfolding last night.

From MPD:

“Around 7:15 PM, MPD responded to the sounds of gun shots in the 1300 block of Hamilton Street, NW. Officers located the victim on the Hamilton Recreation Center who reported that while he was playing basketball he observed two people opening his backpack. He approached these two people and one of them displayed a handgun. The victim ran off and heard the sounds of gun shots. He also observed one of the people take his backpack and motorized bike. The victim was unharmed and no one reported injuries as a result of the gun shots. The Fourth District Detectives are investigating this case.

If anyone has information, please call the MPD at (202)727-9099 or text at 50411”

  • shepherder

    definitely saw a chopper and a bunch of patrol cars scouring the area right around then. hope they managed to catch them.

  • Kingman Park

    Caught stealing? No problem, just shoot the person who caught you. I can’t believe how senseless criminals are in the city.

  • anon

    Violence at a playground is unacceptable no matter where it occurs, but to see it happen west of Georgia Avenue is concerning. Gun violence is actually not common at all in 16th Street Heights (as opposed to Brightwood Park, where it is a much bigger problem).

    • ZetteZelle

      I agree that gunfire at Hamilton Playground surprised me in a way that gunfire at Emery Rec Center doesn’t. That said, your comment made me look at the map again and reflect on the fact that Georgia is only 1.5 blocks away.

      It’s a bad summer for Ward 4.

    • Anonymous

      If violence at a playground is unacceptable no matter where it occurs, it should not matter more that it happened west of Georgia Ave. That attitude reinforces the perception that crime is only an issue now that it’s not “just” in the poorer parts of town.

      • OP anon

        In your zeal to feel morally superior to everyone else, don’t overthink things. If violence is spreading to new areas, then that is a bad thing. Also, I’m not sure the income levels on the two sides of Georgia are all that different, especially along 13th street and the block between Georgia and 13.

      • GM

        Thanks for that comment, I was just about to say the same thing. Your basically saying, if thay shooting happened on the opposite side of Georgia Ave. its okay aince it happens more often. Thats still your community and with that attitude you are apart of the problem in the community. Another thing District residents seem to thrown out all the time is “What should/can the police or politicians do?” The question you should ask yourself is, “what have I done for my community?” If you haven’t done anything for your community then, again, you are just as much apart of the problem. Thats the problem with DC nowadays, people aren’t sticking together as one and making the community better. I’ve volunteered thousands of hours over the years all across the country, nothing like giving back to my hometown. The guy who was robbed happened to be one of my friends and plays at that basketball court all the time. He has been very upset since the situation happened because he makes these bikes himself and there’s alot of hard work and customization put into each of them.

        #DCorNothing #StopTheViolence

        • GM


      • textdoc

        This seems like willful misreading of anon and ZetteZelle’s posts. Anon said “Violence at a playground is unacceptable no matter where it occurs,” and both seemed to be focusing on the fact that shootings in this location are more unusual and thus more surprising.

  • Hamilton St.

    This is DISGUSTING. This is a playground. This whole block is SWARMED by children. This happened at 7:15 pm.

    This follows a string of shootings on the other side of Georgia in this area. Please elected officials– tell us what is being done! Tell us what we can do! Hold a community meeting. Do something.

    • Mr. Eagan

      Agreed. My wife and baby were there just before the shots were fired. It’s time for the neighborhood to really turn up the heat on Brandon Todd and the MPD. I know there’s no easy fix, but the status quo isn’t working.

      • Hamilton St.

        Agreed! I already had reached out last week to Councilman Todd’s office, the ANC, the Mayor’s office, and MPD about violence in Ward 4. I only got a response from the police, who were extremely helpful and generous with their time and explanation of measures they are taking. It’s just clear from the goings on that they need more help and advocacy from our politicians. No one should have to worry about the safety of their children at a playground during daylight hours.

  • Hamilton Resident

    I live on this block of Hamilton and heard the shots. Immediately came running out and soon after spoke with one of the first officers on the scene and the victim who had his red motorized bike stolen. They also stole his iphone and the victim told them he could do a where’s my iphone search if he could get on a computer. I don’t know if the officers didn’t understand what this was (I tried to explain it to them), but they didn’t really seem interested in that. The victim sat out there for a good two hours while police and later a detective spoke with him. I’m not in law enforcement so perhaps I’m missing something, but seems to me there was an opportunity to quickly locate his phone and likely the bad guys. Not sure why action wasn’t taken.

  • Longfellow

    Wrote to Brandon Todd, Cathy Lanier, and Mayor Bowser about a week ago after the second homicide and third shooting in one week along a four block stretch of Georgia Avenue to beg for more resources to deter crime. I didn’t get a single response.

    • Hamilton St.

      Same!! But did get a response from our local police lieutenant. The local police are doing a lot of work to try to address the recent violence, including calling for more officer support in the area. I’ve replied again to the politicians to help support the addition of police to the neighborhood.

  • Hamilton Pet Sitter

    Playing alone is dangerous. I typically walk past this park as I am a pet sitter who works on Hamilton Street, Yes, the playground is usually full of children – or a line of them on the sidewalk nearby excitedly waiting to order
    ice cream. Hamilton is an absolutely beautiful street, but we must remember that no neighborhood is completely safe. In the meantime, continue to use the park in groups.

    • textdoc

      I don’t see any indication that the victim in this case was alone. It says he was “playing basketball” — presumably with other people, no?


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