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New Italian Deli, Capo, coming to Florida Ave underneath Takoda

by Prince Of Petworth August 8, 2016 at 10:22 pm 10 Comments

715 Florida Ave, NW

The liquor license placard for Capo says:

“New CT with 120 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 150. Applicant has also applied for an Entertainment Endorsement with dancing and cover charge.”

a promising graphic from their twitter

This is the first floor underneath the recently opened Takoda. Updates as construction progresses.


  • JohnH

    I must have missed the delis that had cover charges and dancing when I was in Itay.

  • tacopuss

    A deli with 120 seats that needs an entertainment endorsement with dancing and to accept cover charges? Those better be REALLY freaking good sandwiches.

    • AMON

      Maybe they noticed Takoda calling themselves a “beer garden” and realized that they can just call themselves whatever they want.

      • Chase


  • Sean

    It seems like this is going to be a night club and not a deli. By seeking a tavern license instead of a restaurant license, the establishment avoids the requirement to make a certain portion of their revenue from food sales. Then, but adding an entertainment and cover charge endorsement, they avoid the restrictions on dance floor size and cover charges that are typically imposed on tavern licensees.
    Not saying this place isn’t a perfectly suitable location for a nightclub (it probably is), but this license application highlights how ridiculous the ABRA process is.

    • Ben

      Well that explains Cafe Asia Golden Paradise….

  • They’ll put anything in muffaletta these days.

  • anon

    Capo, I know Italian delis. Italian delis are my friend. Capo, with 120 seats and “dancing,” you are no Italian deli. (With apologies to Lloyd Bensten.)

  • jsauri

    I was momentarily excited when I read “Italian deli,” being that it is so close to home. But then I read “dancing and cover charge” and realized I would never go there. So sad. We could really use a good deli in the area a hell of a lot more than a night club.

  • Felony I

    Will there be dessert?


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