“Looks like about 8 months was all that this place could muster.”

by Prince Of Petworth August 30, 2016 at 9:30 am 8 Comments


A reader reports:

“Looks like about 8 months was all that this place could muster. Happy hour was okay but I never saw anyone eating dinner or lunch there. Oh well…I’ll be interested to see what’s next.”

777 9th Street, NW

  • anon

    You couldn’t tell there was a restaurant there. I live in the neighborhood and walked past it a thousand times without noticing there was a restaurant in there until about 3 weeks ago – and that was only because I was caught in a torrential downpour.

  • Anon

    To be honest, the food was really gross (for brunch, that is).

  • SWChick

    I knew this would happen. They should have left good enough alone. Although I wasn’t knocking down the door of OYA, I celebrated 2 birthdays there and the decor alone brought ppl in. It was beautiful! I really tried to like BOE. I visited 4 separate times including opening night. Unfortunately, it was always near empty even with the bottomless happy hour. I’m sad I never made it in for brunch and those donuts everyone was raving about. RIP BOE.

    • divebar311

      Agreed, should have left good alone. Bring back Oya. Had my 32nd birthday at Oya and it was wonderful, food was great and staff was fun! Unfortunately it is hard to compete in this location with City Center to the north and Zaytinya to the south.

      • JadeinDC

        +1 I came to comment that OYA was great as is, maybe just needed an update to the menu. But I loved the decor; it was inviting and bright. I’m from Miami and I think the decor appealed to a lot of people who love the modern look like I do. I had two birthdays there as well – in 2009 and 2013.

    • textdoc

      I really liked Oya and had a birthday there too as well.
      I probably would’ve gone there a lot more often if it hadn’t been so incredibly noisy — lots of hard surfaces for sound to bounce off of. Even when I went there with one other person once and we were sitting across from each other at a two-person table, it was hard to hear. And the noise issue was terrible when I had my birthday there — there were six of us seated around a round table, and it was hard to hear anyone other than the people on one’s immediate right and left.

  • BOENO!

    I don’t get all the hate. I thought the decor was cool/different and the food was fine. Had several brunches there and a goodbye work HH. They always treated me and my friends exceptionally well.
    We all loved it – apparently not enough though!

  • On Capital Heels

    I loved Oya and wish that they had left well enough alone! I tried BOE once, and I thought the food was average. It didn’t blow me away, but it wasn’t a bad experience either. Just not wonderful or memorable enough to bring me back for seconds. Now that both Ota and BOE are gone — where am I to get that delicious banana bread pudding?!?!? #firstworldproblems


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