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BicycleSpace Robbed on K Street but MPD officers “recovered and returned a number of bikes”

by Prince Of Petworth August 21, 2016 at 2:00 pm 8 Comments

bicycle space robbed

Eileen reports:

“Break in at BicycleSPACE in Mt Vernon Square. Police on scene. Tape around area & A Baked Joint next door.”

MPD reports:

“The First Police District reports the Burglary of an Establishment this morning in the 400 block of K Street, NW at approximately 6:30 AM. The established was entered by person(s) who broke out the glass in the front door and took a number of bikes that were recovered by our officers and returned to the owner of the establishment.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s First Police District are investigating this Burglary and should you have witnessed this break in or have knowledge of it, we urge you to contact the departments Command Information Center immediately on 202-727-9099 and reference CCN# 16-140-304.

Persons with information may also anonymously text via cell phone to 50411.”

  • Jake Stevens

    This was all the “vagrants” at the park at
    6th and Mass. I saw two of them riding brand new expensive bikes around. The park police refuse to do anything and MPD is there every other day. Major problem that needs to be addressed by Muriel and council ASAP. The new women’s shelter is causing more problems than solving.

    • anon

      I didn’t see them on the bikes, but this is basically true. When I walk to/from the metro, I take the long way ’round to avoid that park. It’s just not safe.

  • Cam

    There are more folks hanging out in the park lately. Not sure why. Could just be the weather. No one from the park or the women’s shelter has bothered me and I walk by all the time. I have seen a bunch of ambulances repeatedly in this area, though. Not sure why. Again, could be related to the weather (heat stroke, dehydration), but I suppose it also could be drug and/or mental health issues. I did find a Metro employee ID in the park on Sunday morning and turned it in to Metro. It could have been accidentally dropped, or maybe it was tossed from a stolen wallet. As for the theft, bike theft seems pretty rampant all over the city. I spied a guy transporting a very badly spray painted bike on Metro the other day. He seemed mentally unhinged and was muttering incoherently. I did suspect the bike was stolen. I don’t want to be quick to blame people hanging around of the Bicycle Space crime simply because they reside at the shelter or spend time at the park.

    • Jake Stevens

      You are right, it’s the law abiding people who have lived nearby for decades, not the people defecating literally in the middle of the street who are stealing the bikes or who held me up at tunnel Liqours. (Sarcasm). We can’t take care of a problem by hoping it’s not a problem just to be nice and/or socially conscious. The acceptance of a shit show this park has become needs to end immediately.

      • los

        Good luck getting any votes in this city with that platform. If you are not going to blame the “system” then you are part of the problem /sarcasm

  • Neighbor

    You can add yelling homophobic hate speech at individuals to the list of what goes on at that park.

  • Truxtoner

    I agree with all above that park is a sh*t show. But, that park is also a good two blocks from this. And I rarely see the same people from that park at 4th and K. I was actually really surprised anyone would be so brazen. There are huge residential buildings around this store so how did anyone think they’d not be noticed breaking into the front door of this place? I mean, I guess they were right since no one has been caught yet.

    As to the references above about ambulances, I notice this happens a lot. One shows up to SOME on O Street several times a week shortly after the shelter vans drop off the homeless there.

  • DRC

    Sooooo, the police returned some bikes to the owner. Did they arrest the people that were riding/in possession of those bikes? Did the cops find all the bikes or just some? It’s insane that bike thefts have now upgraded to breaking into stores to grab new ones.


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