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“Anywhere in Ward 1 (Zone 1) without Street Sweeping?”

by Prince Of Petworth August 12, 2016 at 1:45 pm 24 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user John Sonderman

“When we lived in Ward 2 (zone 2), we had figured out where the non-street sweeping spots were. However, after moving a few blocks away to Ward 1 (zone 1) we haven’t found any spots that have no street-cleaning and have a week long trip coming up where we won’t be able to move the car for street cleaning. Any suggestions for non-street cleaning spots in DC’s smallest Ward (Ward 1/Zone 1)?”

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  • anon

    You can always check parkingpanda or parkingspotter and pay a reasonable fee for the space. Or pay a taskrabbit to move your car for sweeping.

  • Anon

    There are a few spots on Crescent (one way), on the right side in front of the Meridian International Center building. They’re tucked between the driveways for those venues, but are unmarked. Good luck!

    • Timmy

      Belmont Street between 16th St and 17th St doesn’t have street sweeping.

  • as740

    Last I checked: west side of NH Ave between V and W; west side of 17th between U and V, and west side of 15th between U and V.

  • mod

    Just park in the DCUSA garage

  • Pixie

    There was no street sweeping in the Lanier Heights area of Adams Morgan, at least when I lived there 4 years ago. I would leave my car parked down on Harvard Street by the zoo for a few days and never had any problems.

    • MtP

      I was thinking the same thing – I think much of Lanier Heights and Mt. Pleasant have no street sweeping if I remember correctly from when I lived there.

      • anon

        Ah, I tried this and you still have to watch it because people throw up “no parking” signs all the time in that area.

        • Kevin

          What does that mean? No one is allowed to put up their own no parking sign. What is it that they put up?

          • womp

            i presume anon is referencing no parking signs people purchase (from DCPD? i can’t remember) for moving, etc.

          • textdoc

            Yep — and from what I can tell, a LOT of people move in and out during the summer, especially at the end of the month. So if the OP’s weeklong trip coincides with, say, the last weekend in August, he/she would need to have someone check on his/her car periodically.

  • AnoninBrightwood

    Kalorama between 16th and Champlain has none. Part of it is metered, by St. Mary’s and just in front of Harris Teeter, but the rest is no street cleaning, I’m almost positive. One side (or both, maybe? I can’t remember, I moved away a year ago) is also Zone 1 Only, making it slightly easier to find a spot than other places.

  • Nate

    I know Mount Pleasant Street north of Park and south of Newton is sweeping-free.

    • Anon

      Hah, thanks a lot! You basically just outed my block. It’s already impossible to find parking.

  • skaballet

    Where exactly in Ward 1 are you? That’s a big area. Most, if not all, the streets on the Ward 1/2 border off Connecticut in Kalorama do not have street sweeping.

  • Jeff

    Virtually all of Mount Pleasant is free of street sweeping.

  • soozles

    Mt. Pleasant. Kenyon St. for example. Never understood why though.

    • Because parking here is tough enough without residents having to clear several blocks of parking once a week. DPW won’t agree to sweep just one or two blocks at a time, but wants to do the whole length of a street. That’s a lot of cars that have to be put somewhere else.

  • Anon

    You’re rolling the dice parking on the street regardless. All it takes it someone putting up Emergency No Parking signs and you’ll get towed.

    • Benjamin Bowden

      I’ve found that parking enforcement *might* ticket you for parking in a emergency no parking zone, but towing is rare.

      • That’s correct. As for “Emergency No Parking” designations, the law requires a 72-hour advance warning. Of course, if you’re gone for a week, that’s not enough.

  • Todos

    Biltmore st has no sweeping done.

  • CB

    Adams Morgan is pretty good for this BUT like everyone else has said, you have to check on your car literally every 72 hours because that’s the minimum time frame required for enforcement of Emergency No Parking signs that folks can put up for moving vans, etc. There’s also been a lot of tree work in the area lately, with signs put up with similar notice–you can get a ticket, you can also get towed. So it’s not a sure thing.

    I grew up in the Virginia suburbs and it if it were me, I’d just drive out to the ‘burbs and park somewhere nice and safe and metro back in. Kind of a time hassle, but free (except the metro ride) and much more certain.

  • Anon

    Outing my block in the name of altruism here, but if you park on Mount Pleasant NORTH of Newton, which dead ends into the park, the Southbound/Bancroft Elementary side of the street would avoid the street sweeping and 72-hour emergency parking dilemmas. You’ll have the issue of a potential break-in, but I hardly think that’s exclusive to Mt.P.


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