• Anon

    I’ve often wondered the same thing, and not just about that building. There are a lot of extremely low profile nonprofits that occupy some primo real estate, especially in that neighborhood. I’ve always wondered how that’s possible.

    • Anonymous

      I think wealthy families who lived in the buildings passed them on to their favored non-profits.

      • P. Lecheval

        Yeah, they probably own the building. That makes all the difference in the world in a place like DC, where real estate values are ridiculously overinflated.

  • Josh
  • I always scream, “Nerds” when I walk by.

  • hipchickindc

    I think they’ve just been there forever. I lived on that block of Church during my Bloomingdale renovation, so I frequently interacted with their friendly staff while walking my dogs. They also have an adorable carriage house behind the big building that they have meetings and classes in (and maybe can be rented for events).

    • Emily

      Yeah! The carriage house!

  • Anon

    math is beautiful!

  • Glover Park

    It’s in a prime location ;)

  • navyard

    May be pi in the sky thinking, but I wish all non-profits had such beauty

    • Nice!!

      • navyard

        Well, not to be irrational about it, it’s just a sine that I love math nerds

        To sum it up, math is cool (!)

    • textdoc

      I think you’re going off on a tangent there.

      • anon


    • Captain Obvious

      They were very calculated in their choice of a building/location.

  • TropicBird

    It looks like the kind of place Robert Redford would be working in “Three Days of the Condor”


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