“Upon trying to make a left onto Connecticut Ave., the driver realized the impossibility of such a feat.”

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm 25 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Around 5:15pm yesterday (Wednesday), the 42 bus that usually goes through Dupont Circle made some wrong turns and ended up heading east on Q St. Upon trying to make a left onto Connecticut Ave., the driver realized the impossibility of such a feat. It took the better part of ten minutes to navigate the turn, but in the end he managed it–scraping up the side of a car and the side of the bridge in the process, however.

If this is your vehicle, the bus number was 7144. I hope the info helps if you need to contact Wmata or your insurance. Sorry for the poor-quality picture.”

  • accendo

    I’m sure WMATA will promote the driver to train operator soon.

    • Dave
      • jumpingjack

        This is such a s-tshow. The driver was mad because he couldn’t take a break at his preferred stop. So he started going before getting the ok to do so, and left his radio turned off. He then ran a red light and nearly hit two workers on the tracks, who jumped out of the way just in time. These workers then saw that the train was where it wasn’t supposed to be and chased the train, screaming for him to stop. He saw them and stopped within 2000 feet of a head on collision with another train. They then evacuated the train when the third rail was still electrified.

        • MtP

          Wow, I hadn’t heard how egregious this was. This is just horrendous. And this, from the article: “Later, when passengers were evacuated from the train, they were taken onto tracks that still had power running to the third rail. The third rail stayed energized for another 80 minutes after the incident occurred. Lavin said he believes that Metro staff had tested the third rail to verify that the power was off but there was an incorrect reading.” What a complete mess.

        • jumpingjack

          I am a little confused by one part of the story. How were there still passengers on a northbound train from Glenmont? That’s the end of the line.

          • textdoc

            Yeah, I don’t understand that either. Maybe it was a train that was going north between the station one before and the Glenmont station?

  • P. Lecheval

    WTF. I would be livid if I saw a Metrobus doing this, even if it wasn’t my car. I’d probably try to get in front of the bus and keep it from moving until the police arrived. A while back, I saw a Circulator bus hit a guy who was driving with his elbow out the window. The side mirror hit his arm as it was making a turn. The bus tried to take off but the guy was able to corner him.

  • Effie

    Way to go taking a picture of this, thank you for looking out as the bus driver clearly was not.

  • FridayGirl

    Buses are supposed to stop when that happens and notify WMATA. (One time a bus I was on hit a car’s mirror going around Thomas Circle, and he basically suggested everyone get off the bus because he’d have to stay on-site while he contacted WMATA. This bus driver sounds like they really went rogue….

    • wdc

      Probably a Maryland driver in his spare time.
      I agree with Effie: We all need to hold our public employees accountable, so thanks to the OP.

    • DC_Chica

      This. The OP’s story makes me think that the bus driver did not stop, He should have.

  • Kathryn-DC

    I tweeted Metrobus the link to this post, we correspond frquently, and they said they would forward the report for investigation. So the owner reads this post, Metrobus is already aware of it.

  • Former Petworth.

    I ride 42/43 line regularly in winter and there are two drivers that I’ve considered reporting -one a young (maybe late 20s) black female, usually has some variation of red or pink dyed hair, and the other, a mid-30ish Asian guy – for what I think is fairly reckless driving. Both go really fast down CT AVE (both under the bridge and above depending on the line) and they both come to very aggressive stops — sending people standing nearly off their feet. I wonder who the driver was, but for some reason, I could imagine these two as potential suspects.

    • FridayGirl

      Since I ride the bus multiple times every day of the week, I feel compelled to add that even though there are a couple terrible WMATA bus drivers, I have had many excellent bus drivers (particularly notable, a driver on the 96 bus who used to drive Wednesday nights — he was very cordial with the passengers, including one man who was clearly mentally ill, he knew his name and wished him a good evening, etc.) I try to send kudos to WMATA for good drivers as often as I can (knowing they get their fair share of crap drivers from me, too.

      • FridayGirl

        *fair share of complaints about crap drivers. Wow, I’m failing. No more comments from me today!

      • Former Petworth.

        Yup, i do the same. I’ve had many positive experiences on the bus, very few negative. Its a tough job, am almost always impressed with the thoughtfulness of Metrobus drivers.

      • Northzax

        Yes. I can’t imagine doing that job, let alone with the grace and decency most do it with. My favorite story is that I used to catch the first 42 on Columbia road, (literally the first, at the time it came at 4:31am) the driver would wait a minute or two for me now and then if I was late, always greeted me cheerfully by name, and once, when I fell asleep at the bus stop, got out and woke me up.

        • FridayGirl

          That is amazing.

  • FridayGirl

    How was OP supposed to read a note when she was on the bus?

    • FridayGirl

      *leave a note. Wow, tired.

  • ***

    Who are you? J. Walter Weatherman?

  • zipdc

    The exterior looks like a dollhouse!

    • zipdc

      Ok, this is what happens when I have 2 stories in 2 tabs. The purple house in Brookland looks like a dollhouse. This looks like a hit & run. Yikes.

  • another victim

    Good luck. A metro bus sideswiped me, while I was in the car. He was at the bus stop and I was waiting at a red light. Anticipating the light change, he tried to cut me off into the lane and jump the green. The back of the bus scraped and damage my whole front fender. I reported it to the police, and they said they would follow through with metro. Metro said there was no evidence it was them, so I was not entitled to any reimbursement.

  • Ross

    And I just reported a bus driving headed northwest on Virginia Ave that decided, despite my having a pedestrian walk sign and the light having been red for several seconds, it was cool for him to pass the E St/Virginia Ave intersection and nearly hit me.

    Metro’s email response: “Thank you for your email reporting a Metrobus operating unsafely. Ensuring customer safety is Metro’s top priority, and safe driving is the chief responsibility of every Metrobus operator. We apologize for the distress you may have experienced as a result of this incident.

    Every Metrobus operator receives ongoing safety training, and we take reports of unsafe operation very seriously. The information you have provided will help us identify the employee so that we can investigate and take any necessary corrective action.

    Thank you again for taking the time to report this incident.”


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