Two More Armed Robberies in Bloomingdale Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth July 6, 2016 at 11:15 am 35 Comments

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From MPD:

“Robbery Gun- 100 block of Adams St NW

On Tuesday, July 05, 2016, at approximately 11:00PM, the victim reports while walking on Adams Street NW, the suspect jumped in front of the victim armed with a silver handgun demanding his property. The suspect ordered the victim to disable his cell phone which the victim complied. The suspect fled with a second individual on foot eastbound on Adams Street NW.


Suspect 1: black male, 23-28 years of age, 6’1”, 170 lbs, dark skin tone wearing a black hoodie, black mask, dark sweatpants armed with a silver handgun.

Suspect 2: black male, 23-28 years of age, 5’9”, 150 lbs, dark skin tone wearing a black hoodie, dark pants and black headphones

Any persons with information regarding this crime may contact the Fifth District Detectives’ Office at 202-698-0260, or the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099.”


“Robbery Gun- 2300 block 1st ST NW

On Tuesday, July 05, 2016, at approximately 11:10PM, the victim reports while in the rear of the 2300 block of 1st Street NW, he was approached by a suspect armed with a silver handgun that demanded his phone. The victim complied and the suspect disabled the phone. The suspect was accompanied by a second suspect and both fled on foot northbound through the alley.


Suspect 1: black male, 20-29 years of age, 5’10”-6’2”, thin build, dark skin tone wearing a black long sleeve shirt, black mask, black pants armed with a silver handgun.

Suspect 2: black male, 20-29 years of age, wearing a black shirt and black pants

Any persons with information regarding this crime may contact the Fifth District Detectives’ Office at 202-698-0260, or the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099.”

  • AdMo Resident

    Can someone explain the disabling cell phone piece?

    • I think they mean unlocking it.

    • sp

      I heard from the cops about this — other Bloomingdale robbers have asked the victims to turn off the tracking on their phones.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone aware of any adjustments to strategy (or anything?!!) that the Mayor or Chief Lanier have announced? Are they blind, ignorant or have they chosen to simply disregard the myriad of public safety issues in DC? What is being done is not working. Perhaps bring back Vice to the districts? Something needs to be done.

    • Anon

      Bringing back Vice is the most obvious answer, but I can’t imagine there’s sufficient political will to make that happen.

      • anonymous

        Definitely not in Nadeau’s camp, yet another reason I won’t be voting to re-elect her!

    • Jamin Jimmy

      Nothing. They are trying absolutely nothing new. At all.

  • Planner

    Forgive my ignorance, but what does it mean that the “suspect ordered the victim to disable his cell phone which the victim complied”? What does disabling the phone consist of?

    God forbid I should be in that situation, cause I would have no idea what was wanted. I’d hate for the suspect to think I was playing with him, when I am just dumb.

    • Ben

      Most likely diabling Find My Phone to stop the tracking of the phone / enable the robber to resell it

    • textdoc

      +1 to Planner.

  • KellyKapowski

    Ughhhh :(

    Does anyone know if the police have caught anyone from this recent Bloomingdale crime spree yet? Is it false hope to think it’s just a small group committing all the crimes, and once they’re caught this will slow down a little?

    • sp

      I was at that recent meeting regarding the crime wave — they do think it’s the same group (their tactics are always the same) and think it’s just going to keep escalating until the cops manage to “core” the group. Suggestion from them — call the cops whenever you see a suspicious pair lurking in the alleys/at alley entrances (I think they’ve been using the alleys to move around the neighborhood), and they will send someone to check it out — hopefully they’ll catch them in the act (it seems much harder once the the robbery is over to catch up with them).

      • Anon

        My guess is that this pair (others?) have some roots/connection to this area. This seems to be happening in the same general area.

      • KellyKapowski

        It’s especially frustrating then that there’s not a more active patrol. If they think this is a problem with a single source, you’d like to think there would be a bit more resources given to it (temporarily) to solve it.

  • anonugh

    Clearly a pattern here… guys w/ a “silver handgun” involved in 3 other Bloomingdale robberies a couple weeks ago, all within a couple of blocks. Wonder where these guys live?

    • Nathan

      After the last string of robberies we had a patrol car at this intersection for ONE day, maybe 2.

    • KellyKapowski

      That’s why I’m wondering if anyone has been caught yet. I’m hoping this is one small group of people and not necessarily a larger trend….

  • LeDroit Resident

    This may be counter intuitive, but could this be a sign the neighborhood is continuing to improve? As more middle class and upper class people move in it becomes a more attractive place for criminals to target.

    • textdoc

      People have definitely speculated about this in the past (with regard to Columbia Heights). It seems plausible to me, but I’d want to see the actual numbers on robberies. Sometimes it may be the case that crime isn’t actually up, but our perception/awareness of it is.

      • anon101

        I don’t think I even believe the stated numbers on robberies given how many Popvillers have said they’ve been discouraged from submitting a report because MPD won’t be able to get their stolen property back. It’s very disheartening.

    • KellyKapowski

      I think we’ll only know that if/when we know where the criminals came from. If they are coming from other parts of the city then I would be more likely to give this theory credence than if they are local Bloomingdale residents.

    • HaileUnlikely

      That is contingent upon the reader’s acceptance of a certain notion of what “improve” means. If “proportion of the population that is (or at least “looks”) wealthy is increasing” is what you mean by “improve,” then sure, probably.

    • Hill Res

      Lamb or Wolf….which one you are?

    • Anonymous

      That theory is based on a faulty premise – that criminals only or mostly target “middle” or “upper class” people. If you look at the statistics, there are way more robberies (and pretty much every other crime) in poor neighborhoods in DC than in gentrifying or gentrified neighborhoods.
      I also suspect that if you look at the numbers, you will find few if any gentrifying or gentrified neighborhoods where the crime rate increased as the neighborhood got “better.” The crimes may merit more attention because of who the victims are, but they are not new.

  • ledroit/bloomingdale

    Is this a block that’s currently blocked by the Flood Project fencing? The temporary dead ends with narrow temporary paths to access adjacent streets seem particularly isolated. Maybe there’s a way to provide extra protection there, if that’s an issue. Homeowners’ clearly marked security cameras, etc?

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have a friend who lives very close to this intersection. Friend comes and goes almost exclusively by car. When I visit, I take the 70 and walk from Georgia. Experiencing the neighborhood in that manner, I have always found this area to feel very isolated and felt highly vulnerable walking through it — even before the Flood Project.

  • anon_bdale

    Bdale resident here. I’ve contacted DC Water and MPD and asked for three very specific things: installation of security cameras at construction sites in Bloomingdale, removal and lowering of any unnecessary construction barriers to prevent surprise assaults, and a permanent police presence on these blocks until the perpetrators are apprehended. If you agree, please do the same – here are the appropriate POCs for DC Water ([email protected],
    [email protected]) and MPD ([email protected]).

    • Nathan

      +1 Thanks, emailing now.

      • Nathan

        I added in George Hawkins as well ([email protected]), for good measure.

        • Huma

          Thank you — I’ll write now too. I didn’t attend the BCA meeting a few weeks ago, but I was told that we were getting extra patrols + the Segway cop.

          • TCohen

            At the June 21 ANC 5e meeting last month the local MDP officer in our area informed us that the Segway officer had an accident on the Segway and he was no longer patrolling the neighborhood.

    • Qzie

      Thank you anon_bdale. The (unending) DC Water project has turned 1st Street and the surrounding streets into ungoverned spaces. This summer has been really scary, I’ve lived on 1st Street six years and have not experienced this level of armed crime, in fact a recent shooting immediately behind me house at in the morning. I’m contacting the usual suspects at DC Water and MPD to ask for your suggested interventions.

      • Nathan

        Aaaand tonight at least 2 of the street lights along the DC Water Wall are out, making Adams pitch black. Great. Just great.

  • BDale

    I wonder if MPD should put Bloomingdale in the Third District (U Street/Ledroit) instead of the Fifth (most of Northeast). I have to believe that North Cap serves as a psychological barrier that keeps down the frequency of regular patrols in Bloomingdale, given the geography in which they are otherwise working.

    • KellyKapowski

      We’ve talked to the cops about this before also. This area is routinely ignored because it falls right on the edge of the two districts, in addition to the point about North Capitol that you made. A couple years ago they started doing joint patrols with an officer from each district, but I think that only lasted a couple months (there was a string of break-ins).

      I think this definitely has a lot to do with the rates of crime in Bloomingdale, and it’s really frustrating.


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