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Today’s Rental has “great bay windows in Bloomingdale”

by Prince Of Petworth July 29, 2016 at 2:35 pm 8 Comments

138 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 138 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Available now!! Sunny and bright 3 bedroom 2 level home, with great bay windows in Bloomingdale. New carpet, and freshly painted.Full size washer/dryer. Easy commute to downtown. App Fee $40/pp. Pets case by case.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1 bath is going for $2,950/Mo.

  • Evan Tupac Grooter

    Easy commute to downtown? You are beholden to a single bus line (G8). Walking is an option, just not in this weather.

    • anon

      its a fairly easy walk to shaw metro. I live less than a block from here. and despite the crap it might get, the G8 is pretty great. The 80 down north cap will also bring you downtown.

      • Evan Tupac Grooter

        I also live in the neighborhood. The 80 bus is terrible. It will bring you downtown, but it zig zags through the city. At the peak of rush hour it has 12 minute headways. Have to work until 6:15? Now you have to wait 30 minutes for the next bus. it’s faster to walk. The G8 is fine, but not much faster than walking. The schedule says it will take 30 minutes to get from here to Farragut Square. Google says it’s a 39 minute walk. So, if you don’t have to wait for the bus, there is a chance it could be faster than walking. It’s a little better than the 80, but it’s only worth it if you are going to a stop on the line.

        • Anon X

          You should try the 80. The schedule may say every 12 minutes, but I’m pretty certain it’s a lot more frequent than that. And it only zig zags because it actually hits a lot more work centers than most bus lines. 80 is one of the best lines on the network. Capitol Hill, Chinatown, Farragut, and Foggy Bottom. There aren’t many people who work outside of walking distance to the 80.

    • Anon

      Beholden to the G8?!? It’s maybe a 10 minute bike ride? 20-30 minute walk. 10 minute walk to Shaw metro if you work south of the mall.

      • Evan Tupac Grooter

        If you don’t want to go to work dripping in sweat, a 10 minute bike ride or 30 minute walk in this weather is not for you.

        • bloomer

          I live a little farther and walk to work every day. Only time I take the bus is if there’s snow on the ground (80, G8, P6 are all options). This seems like a pretty sweet deal.

  • Bloomingdale

    The G8 is awful, usually several pass right by me completely full depending on the weather, it’s really annoying that it stops running in “moderate snow emergencies”…. but the walk to the metro is 10-15 minutes, tops, and not hard in either direction. We live literally houses away from this rental. It is a GREAT block, a great neighborhood. If you’re a bicyclist; you can get anywhere downtown in minutes. I love this location, and have faith that they’ll improve the bus situation eventually. Lyft lines from here to anywhere is very affordable too.

    The red house next door is also a rental that doesn’t appear to be taken care of very well… but that’s just judging it from the outside.


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