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Terrible Accidental Death in Petworth this Morning “person trapped under vehicle after jack failed”

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2016 at 9:15 am 15 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Lots of police activity plus media with camera crews near intersection of 8th St. NW and Kansas Ave. NW in Petworth. Any word as to what could be going on? This was taken around 8:10 am today.”

DC Fire & EMS reported earlier this morning:

“Rear 4412 Kansas Ave NW person trapped under vehicle after jack failed. We had rescue assignment on scene. Victim is PDOA. Now MPD matter.”

via google maps

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Always use jack stands :(

    • Dan

      +10000 to this

  • retropean

    Sad. Always use jack stands.

  • Dan

    PSA: Jacks are good for changing a tire in an emergency. You should never work under your car with just a simple jack. Jack stands and a proper rolling floor jack are a must. This is a horrible way to go…very sad.

  • Jeff

    Never ever work underneath cars on soft or uneven ground. Streets are the biggest no no. Even if you use secured stands and the street is dead flat, another car or even something as small as a bicyclist can knock the car out of place.

  • Hill Denizen

    I’ve never owned a car, but thanks, popville, for mentioning jack stands. I never knew there was a difference. I’ve helped my dad change a tire using a regular jack, and should I ever need to work on a car, I wouldn’t have thought twice about using one. Now I’ve actually taken to the googles and learned the difference.

    • NH Ave Hiker

      In addition to the jack stands, I also leave the jack itself in position…just as another fail safe! You can never be too careful.

  • textdoc

    Very sad. (And I wasn’t aware of the difference between jacks and jack stands either.)

  • Anon

    This is very sad. Prayers to the family and friends.

  • john

    NBC 4 ran this story as “breaking news” this morning. It’s not breaking news, It’s a tragic accident. It didn’t impact public safety or create a public hazard. For God’s sake, this family suffered a tragic loss, do they really need news crews on their street showing them grieve? The quest run a story more often than not goes too far. I am sorry for the loss this family suffered this morning and shame on the local networks for exploiting it.

  • anoon

    This is what the local news reports all the time.

  • CR

    This is so very sad. I drove past this scene this morning on my way to work and was so curious as to what was going on. Thanks so much for this update. I’m very sad that this horrible accident occurred.

  • Anonymous

    +1. Local news is complete low-budget garbage. The weather report is fairly useful but the rest of it is junk.

  • anon

    Most of what is on TV as news – local, national and international – is junk. Your news is brought to you by 6 corporations, most of which are owned by, or have ties to, defense contractors. It amazes me that people can’t see the clear war propaganda they are watching.

  • victoria

    A sad accident. Since we’re mentioning car safety – let me add that when checking tire pressure, always point the gauge away from yourself or anyone else. If the gauge fails, the little stick shoots out like a bullet.


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