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Summer Restaurant Week Starts August 15-21: Reservations Now Open

by Prince Of Petworth July 13, 2016 at 11:10 am 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user StreetsofWashington

From a press release:

“Get your appetite ready because Summer Restaurant Week is only a month away! Reservations are now available on the Restaurant Week website at some of the city’s most notable restaurants. Organized by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW), this year’s event brings prix fixe menus from restaurants across the District to diners for a week of culinary tastes and adventures.

A full list of the 250 participating restaurants from all around the D.C.-metro area is available on the Restaurant Week website.”

and I’m curious since folks always have strong feelings as to whether it’s a good deal or not so let’s take a poll:

  • textdoc

    In my experience/opinion, whether it’s a good deal depends on the restaurant — how much it usually costs to eat there, how much of their usual menu is available during RW, and whether portions are the same size as outside RW.

    • Drew

      Fogo is probably one that is worth it. Other than that…..

    • Hill Denizen

      Also, how much you are likely to eat there on a normal visit. I would never order an app, entree, and dessert for myself, so at some places I end up paying the same during RW as I would on a Non-RW visit, along with dealing with all the other annoying stuff.

  • neighbor

    I like the idea of restaurant week (giving a discount to attract diners during otherwise slow times of the year), but it has turned into such a scam. Specially mass produced dishes with cheaper ingredients, often at prices close to what you would pay on a regular night.
    At this point I specifically avoid anywhere doing restaurant week for that time.

    • oh2dc

      +1 – I avoid. The food and service is usually not up to the par of the restaurant. In my mind, it erases any value of a “deal.”

    • Effie

      It completely depends on which restaurant and what specific menu item(s) they are offering. This does not apply to every restaurant.

  • MtP

    Agree with the first two comments. Only in a handful (I would say fewer than 10) cases is RW worth it. Either places limit their menu and have upcharges, or you are really not saving anything other than maybe a free dessert, or the food is just not the same quality b/c the kitchen is struggling and/or mass producing things with worse ingredients. In my opinion, the best overall RW experience is Rasika for lunch. Same quality of food and actually a very good deal. Usually though, I just stay away.

  • plowdodger

    I agree with the general sentiment. However, I went to Nonna’s Kitchen on U Street during RW in February and had a great meal for significantly less than their fixed price menu. Unfortunately, it seems they’re not participating in the August RW offering.

    Does anyone else have any tips for good “value” restaurant week offerings?

    • FridayGirl

      Same here, with 1789 in Georgetown.
      I’m a bit disappointed in the restaurant listing and probably won’t participate this time around.

    • MtP

      Fiola (and Fiola Mare and even Casa Luca) are usually a good bet. Even if they limit the menu, it is still fantastic and a great deal.

  • FRR

    I have always been disappointed to visit a restaurant and find out it’s restaurant week. The food is always an embarrasment and the service is usually poor as well, regardless of how upscale the restaurant is supposed to be. I avoid all places participating in this tradition.

    • TJ

      This! I put the restaurant week on the calendar for August, specifically so I can avoid showing up someplace and finding out we’re stuck with the “restaurant week” menu. It is odd how the marketing scheme produces a dumbed-down set of options. The various beer weeks around town typically increase options exponentially.

      • Anon Spock

        The most expensive places lose money during the week, and their staff can’t handle volume, so dumbing it down is the only way to keep costs down and crank out food at a decent pace.
        Beer has such a high margin, and prices aren’t going down very much+ lots more ppl= you can bring in more options.

  • Anon

    I hated RW back when I waited tables. Pretty much amateur hour all around.

  • Cool, so I know which week to stock up on groceries!

  • Bcarter3

    Are there fewer participating restaurants this year?

    It looks like a significant number of old regulars are missing from the list.

  • NT

    OT: Glad to see you’re adhering to the internet law that states that all online polls must contain at least one joke option.


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