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Anyone Know the Bride and Groom Walking Down L Street on Monday?

by Prince Of Petworth July 13, 2016 at 2:10 pm 90 Comments

bride downtown
(The guy in flip flops is not the groom… Groom in a gray suit in front of him)

Ed. Note: Congrats to the bride and groom!

“Dear PoPville,

On Monday at ~6:30 PM I saw a very elegant bride and groom and what appeared to be their wedding party walking east on L Street and watched them continue across Vermont Avenue along L Street. It was a funny time and place to see them, with no obvious origin or destination to their walk. They seemed to be walking away from the Washington Post demolition site and toward… Jimmy John’s? Maddy’s Taproom? Maybe they met on the 54 Bus and were going to recreate the moment? I suppose it was approaching the golden hour for photography but it’s kinda an odd area and I didn’t actually spot a photographer. Does anyone know where else they might have been going or coming from, on foot, east bound on L Street? (Was with a friend and we both remarked that the Bride’s dress looked completely fabulous, btw, and would love to see the photos especially if they went somewhere unusual/surprising).”

  • v

    OMG, why do you care???? Just say “Congratulations” and MOVE ON… #cantbelieveicommentedonthis

    • b’dale res

      It is a bit creepy…IMO

    • NEhomeboy


    • Colhi

      Agree! Too nosy.

    • SaraEP

      this comment did give me a good laugh. thank you.

    • transplanted

      Agreed, this is bizarrely nosy. What’s next, POPville missed connections? “Does anyone know this hot blonde I took a picture of on the Metro?…”

        • transplanted

          Ugh. At least there wasn’t a creepy surreptitiously snapped picture attached, I guess.

          • Not everything is malicious or with ill intent.

          • transplanted

            And neither malice nor ill intent are necessary for something to be tacky, so I’m not sure why that would matter.

          • True. Your distaste for the post is noted and has been filed in the official record.

          • textdoc

            Which I think might be roughly cylindrical in shape. ;)

    • Anonymous

      No kidding. I miss when people would just see something cool and marvel at it and think “hey, the world is a cool place sometimes” and then carry on.

      • And I miss the typewriters that go clickety clack – such is life in 2016.

        • Anonymous

          Sure, nostalgia, but those were definitely worse than what we have today.

  • JD

    I hope this doesn’t come across as super rude, because I have been really disheartened by the amount of snark I’ve seen lately on this site, but I’m not sure why you think this couple’s destination and origin are any of your business.

    They were taking part in something (a wedding, a vowel renewal, pictures, costume party…who knows or cares!) that obviously had nothing to do with you, just as why you were at that intersection at that moment in time had nothing to do with them.

    If you had snapped a meaningful picture and wanted to pass it on to them, that would be one thing. But you hastily snapped a “creeper photo” and now want insight on every detail of something that doesn’t concern you.

    I think you’d be best to leave this one be and let your imagination do the work for you.

    • Hill Denizen

      Yeaaaah, it’s weird. It’s one thing if they wanted to know where the bride got her dress (the back is fab!), but just wondering where they’re going is odd.

    • textdoc

      Vanna, I’d like to renew some vowels!

    • v

      THIS! When i was little, i was fascinated by ambulances… would always ask my Mom when one passed “what happened???!” she’d always answer “i don’t know” and i’d say “well, make something up!”
      OP needs his imagination right about now

      • hahaha and you need some cider.

        • v

          I’m going to get some, trust. super excited about that place

          • I was surprised how much I liked the cider as one who normally prefers beer. Also the photo of the bread, peppers and anchovy – that was delicious.

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        Huh? People write in here a lot to say “I was walking along K St and saw a terrible car accident. I called 911, but I wanted to know if the people involved were okay. Does anyone know anything?” No one usually has a problem with those posts. We live in a different age than when you were a little. I can understand why some people might think this post is a bit weird/tacky (overreacting though), your comparison is off.

  • Sue

    How is it possible that a perfectly reasonable and politely-worded question about an unusual sight prompted such nasty comments? Good grief, people!

    • navyard

      +1000. OP, thanks for sharing the photo. It reminded me of “Rhoda” and brought a smile to my face.
      To the rest of you….nice attitudes and I hope you have a pleasant day now, having made someone else’s less pleasant!

      • sasindc

        Hey kids, Rhoda was a spin off of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Rhoda was late for her wedding to Joe and had to take the NY subway in full 1970s puffy white dress to her wedding.

        • Anon

          Thanks- from your neighborhood millennial

        • textdoc

          Thanks for the backstory.

    • stano

      Just a hypothesis, but perhaps the knee-jerk negativity is a more common reaction among those of us who walk as opposed to drive through the city.

      We don’t live in a cocoon of metal when in public so are more vulnerable to stranger intrusions. The idea of people snapping pictures of us on the sidewalk and posting to a blog read by thousands to extract details of what we’re up to immediately struck me as creepy before seeing any commenrs, even when worded with wide-eyed innocence.

      • OP

        Well I won’t defend myself throughout this thread but lots of people were taking photos and shouting congratulations as they walked down the street and this was a very public celebratory moment. Yes, I happened to take a lousy photo as they were stopped at the crosswalk, but you guys are honestly misreading both the moment and my intent. This was joyous and exciting and the public was into it and sharing congratulations and joy! You have like the least charitable imaginable read on this situation.

        • God forbid we talk about a joyous occasion and not the senseless violence and destruction filling the previous week’s posts. I thank you OP for (trying) to lighten the mood a bit. And my congrats to the couple stands! For those who remain irritated, I recommend you get a delicious cider at the beautiful new ANXO opening at 5pm at 300 Florida Ave, NW.

        • OP

          Meant to post this in reply to Transplanted below. Anyway, I honestly just intended this in a spirit of fun and excitement. (Yes, I recently got engaged. Yes, I’m very excited about weddings and dresses. I try to keep my excitement in check, and I don’t constantly wave my ring around or whatever, but I clearly see I missed the mark here!! I’m sorry!)

          • No need to apologize unless the bride herself comments in anger! :) And congrats on your engagement as well! I also thank you again for sharing a sorely needed piece of beauty during an otherwise pretty miserable week.

          • I read your post as it was intended, it light hearted and genuinely curious. Surprised at the snark, there really was no need for it…. now let’s talk about that cider Pop suggested :)

          • Hill Denizen

            Why didn’t you ask them what they were up to while they were stopped?

  • OP

    LOL I’m the OP. I like wedding’s and wedding dresses, and I’m just curious about the different things people use for venues, places they go with their photographers and all the typical stuff covered in bridal magazines. Especially when it’s off the beaten path! I get that some people especially in a place like DC hate weddings, or think it’s creepy to be interested in stranger’s weddings, but I think people’s weddings are cool. Sorry if it rubbed people the wrong way.

    • transplanted

      I think that you’re stretching to think that the negative reaction to your intrusive search for details about a stranger’s wedding is indicative of “some people especially in a place like DC hat[ing] weddings.” It’s just none of your business, and while it would be a bit pushy and rude to have asked the couple where they were headed when you saw them, it’s beyond creepy to post a creeper picture to a popular website seeking further details.

      • Check it out – wedding on a metro train!! https://www.popville.com/2012/06/metro-wedding/

        • MVT

          This is amazing!

      • anon

        Actually, wishing them well and asking if they had their wedding or reception nearby while waiting for a light next to them could just be friendly, not rude; taking a photo and posting on a blog, definitely too pushy.

        • Anon

          That’s what I thought as well. I mean if I’m walking around the streets in a wedding dress I expect someone will be curious and strike up a conversation. As long as I’m not in a hurry, no biggie. But if I saw my pic posted on a website? Honestly I’d probably still shake it off and think it was sweet, but I think most people would have a different reaction.

        • Hill Denizen

          +1! My “knee jerk reaction” had nothing to do with it being a wedding. It was the fact that too often, people’s first instinct is to turn on their iphone cameras and take to the interwebs instead of actually interacting with people in the real world.

          • CHGal

            Yes, even leaving out the fact that it’s a wedding…you see a person/people on the street and wonder what they are up to, it seems like it would be easier (and more likely to produce the real answer) to ask rather than email a public blog.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Don’t sweat it. Some people clearly don’t have enough work to do.

    • “I get that some people especially in a place like DC hate weddings”
      Wtf does that mean?

      • textdoc

        Dunno. Maybe it’s like when people who side with (say) Dacha allege that the neighbors who are complaining about the noise are a bunch of fun-hating killjoys?
        In my experience, the only ways in which people in D.C. “hate” weddings is that they hate spending $$$ to attend multiple weddings — often in faraway places — in a year, and/or they hate the drama that weddings sometimes bring to the surface.

    • Effie

      You really dug yourself into a hole with “people especially in a place like DC hate weddings”… what on earth does that mean??

      • OP

        I just can’t imagine anyone back home being anything but excited to see an elegant bride and groom out in public just walking down the street. Everyone would think it’s cool and exciting and want to talk about it and offer congratulations. C’mon you honestly don’t know people in DC are super uptight about this stuff? Just read this thread!

        • textdoc

          I don’t think the hate in the thread has anything to do with weddings — more with taking a photo and posting it to a blog.
          FWIW, I think the hate here is unwarranted. But it’s an enormous stretch to conclude that the commenters on this thread “hate weddings.” They just don’t like what YOU did.

          • This would be a terribly boring blog without photos :) But seriously – people get outraged over everything posted. Somebody does. I’ll paraphrase a great Bob Dylan lyric – you can please some people all of the sometime, you can please all people some of the time but you can’t please all people all of the time. Can’t do it. But I’m keep doing what I do anyway :) I’m signing off on that note for today!

        • textdoc

          And it’s not a matter of people not being “excited to see an elegant bride and groom out in public just walking down the street” — more that they’re not excited to see it posted on a blog.

        • aktodc

          FWIW – I got married in January and took pictures all over town and it was SO much fun getting a bunch of random people congratulating me. Less fun when we had one guy who wouldn’t stop following us and we had to ask him to step back. The dress is beautiful.

    • Anon

      Why wouldn’t you just ask them? It seemed like they were standing around, stopping for lights, etc. Is that more intrusive?

  • stacksp

    Stans is just across the street and they serve great drinks and with very reasonable prices and . A rum and coke for example is a big glass of rum and another glass of coke that you can blend as you see fit. The Wings are good too.

    • bob

      how is a rum and coke that you have to make yourself a “great drink”?

      • Handcrafted, bro.

        • stacksp

          For the bartender in you…. and that was one thing that I like but they do “make” great drinks that traditional way as well.

          They have been open for ages for a reason… Try it out.

        • Anon


      • v

        you’ve clearly never been to Stan’s #dcinstitution

  • BlueStreak

    I don’t get the hate either. It’s something a little unusual and it was in public. I don’t think it’s bad to wonder about this. I do it all the time.
    And of course it’s none of the guy’s business. He doesn’t have a right to know anything. But it certainly isn’t beyond the pale to wonder or ask about it. Especially since it took place IN Public.

    I mean think about all the things that people post about and ask about and comment on on this very site that would be considered “none of their business.”
    If people limited their talk on this site to things that were strictly “their business,” Dan would be out of business.

    I’m not sure why everyone decided to draw the line at this one. Maybe it’s the humidity.

  • ke

    I will take this post in the spirit in which it was intended, which seems to be joyful curiosity. And, in light of what Bluestreak said: “If people limited their talk on this site to things that were strictly ‘their business,’ Dan would be out of business.”
    My guess is that they did a small wedding somewhere nearby (courthouse, maybe) and were walking somewhere for drinks and/or photos and/or dinner. (Which is what my wife and I did after our courthouse wedding.) I think there are a couple of parks nearby, and the White House. Cheers to the couple.

    • OP

      Yeah, thank you. This whole thing was such a cool moment. I imagined the post would inspire lots of congratulatory posts for the happy couple, and comments about the great dress (and maybe who the designer was), and lots of cool wedding ideas. I guess I just forgot about, you know, internet people. Sigh.

      • In all fairness, it’s not easily discernible how “great” the wedding dress is, especially if you’re viewing on mobile. You can tell it’s a wedding dress, but a lot of the detail is lost.

      • CHGal

        Since you didn’t speak to them, it’s also possible that they aren’t even a bride & groom. I once mistakenly shouted congratulations to what turned out to be a photoshoot for a bridal catalog.

      • Hill Denizen

        But you were the internet person here! You didn’t ask, “anyone know where that dress is from?” or “are there cool venues around here?” or “this looks awesome, wouldn’t it be awesome to take a stroll around the city after getting married!” You took their picture and posted it to the internet asking for information about them, instead of being a friendly human and talking to them or their entourage in person.

  • MK

    OP – I would have had the exact same curiosity into the situation. A wedding party! On a typically non-wedding day! It’s a celebration! And a mystery! The dress piqued your interest – the lack of obvious destination certainly would have piqued mine as a person who plans events for a living. I’d want to know where I’m missing out on!

    Paparazzi can stalk celebrities and people will pay money to consume the content – but a neighbor/passerby has an interest in a curious scene on the street and people jump down their throat. Sad!

    • It’s a bit disingenuous to assume that the same people who read / watch paparazzi crap are the ones who are anti-privacy-photo-creeps, or whatever you want to call them. I’m sure there’s some crossover, but no point calling them hypocrites if you don’t know them.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    What a delight! A July wedding in DC and the bride still looks composed. Thanks, OP. Those who think its “creepy” are not doubt “creeps.”

  • lightenup

    I was not expecting all the hate when I scrolled to the comments… maybe people are just feeling angry at the world right now (I don’t blame them if that’s the case). But let’s at least try to lighten up sometimes! I appreciate that Popville can simultaneously allow us to vent frustration about issues that matter in our day-to-day lives, while also sharing quirky and uplifting stories. And dog pics. Lots of dog pics.

    • If only someone would superimpose a Jigglypuff onto her…

      • lightenup


  • v

    No “hate” here. It just seems its a lot of effort to take the picture, save the picture, email PoP with the picture asking for community assisted details…. why not just ASK the couple?

    • OP

      Um I used an iPhone? It takes like two thumbtaps to take a photo and put it in an email. In the moment, I shouted my congratulations too, but then afterwards I was thinking how cool and exciting and surprising it was. In my imagination this post was going to elicit a lot of happy congratulations for the couple, and conversation about how cool it was, and cool DC wedding photo ideas. I’d never seen something I thought was cool enough to share on popville before. I thought it would be a really positive fun quirky awesome thing! Yes, I see now this was incredibly stupid.

      • Your last sentence is unacceptable!! This was great and many agree – focus on the positive ones!! Contrary opinions are not necessarily (and not often) representative of the majority!

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        Hahaha, the iPhone automatically saves the photo, no need to shoot and then save! I was thinking the whole thing–photo, attach to email, write a few sentences would take me three minutes tops. OP, I agree with Dan…don’t get discouraged.

      • Honestly why the Hell would we waste our time congratulating a couple 1) we don’t know 2) you don’t know 3) nobody even knows if they read this blog 4) you can’t even see the groom at all, or the brides face.

    • TJ

      Might I add the picture in this post is horrible.
      Talking to them on the spot might have answered all the OP’s questions and given OP the chance to take a decent picture so we could understand just how fabulous the newlyweds on L St. are

  • anon

    “It’s none of your beeswax!”
    Apparently the commentators on this site are bratty 10 year olds.

  • Blithe

    And then, of course, there’s empathy, and projection. Those of us who abhor Facebook, and Instagram, or use them with the most private of settings, and whose sense of personal privacy perhaps predates the ubiquity of cell phones with cameras, might view the idea of having a stranger taking our picture — when we’re not posing or aware of it, but simply going about the process of living our lives — and not only posting it publicly on a well-read blog, but openly seeking personal details about us as an extreme, unwanted invasion of privacy. We might at least allow for the possibility that others might feel as we do, and protest. Others, who enjoy, or at least expect a very different sense of privacy might wonder what the big deal is — for anybody, under any circumstances to have their quite lovely picture taken, publicly displayed, and discussed. Since none of us, not even the OP have any idea what the feelings of those in the picture might be, we fling our projections — and snark — across the chasms.
    tldr: I agree with the PoP — this would be a much less interesting blog without the photos. But I’m also strongly in the camp of those who would deeply hate having a picture of myself pop up pretty much anywhere if I hadn’t knowingly posed for it and agreed to having it displayed. (pun unintended)

  • OP

    Thanks you Justin for proving my earlier point about some people in DC and weddings. Why “waste time” congratulating a newlywed couple? That is such an alien question to me. That you would even ask that is one of my all-time favorite examples of exactly the culture gap I’m talking about.

  • David

    Ha! For once, I’m an “insider”. I can tell you that the only thing more beautiful than the bride & her dress is her intellect (I don’t know the groom). I’ve known her, her entire life & can only surmise that her “secret wedding” was a result of a well thought out plan &/or a desire not to inconvienance those of us who are likely to over-react to their union. You should have approached & asked them what brought them to the intersection as it would have been fun or delightful as she is a joy. Thank you for sharing & I hope you continue to “lighten” the world’s tensions.

  • Mom

    OP!! I am the bride’s mom, who still prefers to remain anonymous. But I have to say, don’t feel badly at all about your post. You made the wedding party’s day when a friend saw this and forwarded it. Your comments here are lovely, and we absolutely enjoyed the (several) well-wishers’ “congratulations” along the way as we walked down the street. And to answer one of the questions… we were heading away from the Loews Madison Hotel (and the construction!) where we had a tiny family wedding, and most of the party decided to walk the six or so blocks to Brasserie Beck to celebrate afterwards. Cheers!


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