Petworth’s Cookie Wear is coming to Union Station

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2016 at 10:45 am 0


From an email:

“Above is the link for our OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING this Saturday (7/30/16)! Cookie Wear has ascended to new heights, largely because of the support we’ve received in our beginnings! From our family, friends and especially the Petworth community as a whole, we’ve been able to sustain a business and now grow!

It is our hope that we’ll see you, and all others you attached to you as we celebrate our new beginning!

The Cookie Wear Boutique in its early beginnings, started in a basement less than 500 feet. That location because of old faulty wiring within building’s infrastructure caught on fire, and destroyed what Michelle Noodles, her family and her collective built.

We then rose from the ashes like a Phoenix, and started anew in another spot 1 block over that possessed 1700 square feet (Growth of over 300%!). That space more than prepared us for what was coming.

And now, Noodles came to realize that her vision has fruitioned. As she is now within a space at an approx 3000 feet (600% more than her humble beginnings). Cookie Wear now has a prime location within The Shops at Union Station. We are now apart of history, as we now conduct business within a historical asset!”



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