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“Help Rehome Two Lovely Cats”

by Prince Of Petworth July 6, 2016 at 1:50 pm 6 Comments


“We are seeking a loving home for our two cats. Due to a medical issue with our children, they can no longer live in our house; rehoming them is the advice of their veterinarian, our children’s doctors, and the shelters/rescue/and foster organizations we have contacted.

The cats are 13 and 8; the 13 year old is a grey and white, and she has dental issues, but is otherwise healthy. She is affectionate and good with children. The 8 year old is a tabby, and has some health concerns that are well-managed, but require care. He is more aloof and should not be with small children. They are indoor only cats.

While they are bonded, and we would love to rehome them together, our first choice is to find caring and safe homes; if you are interested in more information, please contact rehomeariseamus [at] gmail [dot] com”

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  • Ally

    They are beautiful! Hope you can find them loving homes (and thanks for not just dropping them off at a shelter). I wish I could take them but I have an FIV-positive tomcat at home, a bunny rabbit, and a kitten we just rescued off 395, so our stables are a bit full :)

    I’m sure you doctor knows best about the medical condition, but on the off chance that it’s something as simple as a dander allergy (probably isn’t), my husband is both allergic to cat danger and, ironically, hay (we have a bunny); he does very well as long as he takes his Claritan. Just took him a few weeks to build up a bit of an immunity. If you’re rehoming an older kitty, I’m sure it must be something much more serious, so so sorry you guys are put into that position. I know it must be hard <3

    • Ally

      Uh, cat dander. “Cat Danger” would be a much more festive allergy. Not braining well today!

    • Rehome Ari and Seamus

      Thanks for your good thoughts. We’re hoping that they can find homes where everyone is happy and healthy.

  • also anon

    This is really sad and I hope you can find them a new home. I think you should give more detail in future ads about the “dental issues” and “health issues”. I had a cat that had “health issues” specifically diabetes that required 2 shots a day spaced 12 hours apart. Reading a vague “health issues” statement likes that makes me definitely not want to find out more about what these health issues are so if it’s something that requires less time and money than something like diabetes you should probably tell people the details so they don’t immediately dismiss adopting them.

    • JoDa

      This is a good point. “Dental issues” could be anything from “requires soft food” to “repeated abscesses;” and “managed health issues” could require anything from one pill a day dropped into the food bowl to multiple shots or expensive monthly vet visits. There are people willing to take on everything on that spectrum, but they should know what they’re getting into.

      • Rehome Ari and Seamus

        In our experience, listing the information regarding the cats’ specific issues has not been helpful. Anyone who would like more information, from the nitty gritty to the barest bones, can email us at rehomeariseamus at gmail dot com. We have been, and will continue to, be very honest with any interested person about exactly what the needs of these cats are.


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