H Street, NE Adds a Wednesday Farmers Market Starting Today at the Starburst Plaza

by Prince Of Petworth July 20, 2016 at 3:00 pm 14 Comments


From a press release:

“The H Street NE Corridor’s inaugural 2016 Farmers Market will take place on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the Starburst Plaza Intersection. Organized by H Street Main Street, the weekly market will feature 8 to 10 local vendors offering fresh, locally grown seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, additional food and food-related products, artisanal pet treats, skin care products and other merchandise.

Stop by and browse the food offerings, including delectable desserts and savory, sampler-sized, portable portions from area restaurants. Beverages will also be available to sip and stroll, while shopping inside the event area.

In recent years, the rising demand for fresh and local produce and sustainable grocery practices have caused farmers markets to pop up all over the nation. Their latest evolution takes advantage of the fact that for many people, the evening hours are the best time for a shopping expedition. Nighttime farmers markets are blurring the lines between grocery shopping and entertainment—a fun night out that speaks to urban citizens of every age. And with summer temperatures soaring across the country, these markets are catching on at just the right time.

The H Street Farmers Market will take place every Wednesday from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. starting this Wednesday, July 20 through October 26 at the Starburst Plaza Intersection, where H Street NE, Bladensburg Road NE, Benning Road NE, Maryland Ave. NE and Florida Ave. NE meet (1500 block of H Street NE).

There’s even more to look forward to this summer at the Starburst Plaza! The Farmers Market is just the first taste of all the exciting programming planned for the intersection this summer. In the coming weeks, area residents can look forward to the launch of a weekend entertainment series, night movies and new landscaping at the Starburst Plaza.

A list of vendors is below:

Clayton Farms – We are a local small-scale sustainable farm in the Baltimore and Carroll County area of Maryland. We want to provide our community with access to healthy, organically grown produce in the hope that we all may live longer healthier lives. This is our passion, and it goes beyond selling high quality produce. We implement efficient, sustainable, and regenerative growing techniques that maintain healthy soil and encourage biodiversity. We want future generations to have access to non-toxic, healthy food, and we want communities to be Food-Independent and self-sufficient ensuring our enduring liberty. Clayton Farms is a Certified Naturally Grown Produce Farm with locations in Baltimore County and Carroll County. We DO NOT use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs. CNG is an independent program and are a grassroots alternative to the USDA National Organic Program. We are proud to be a CNG grower and we want our community to thrive by eating fresh, natural, locally grown produce.

Ryan’s Fruit Market – A 6th generation family owned and operated small business. We are the largest peach farmer in VA on 100 acres. Also known for excellent apples, apple butter, cherries, cider and more. `We have 15 to 20 varieties of apples to choose from at Ryan’s Fruit Market. One of the oldest orchards in the state of Virginia, our historic farm has all the fresh fruits and vegetables you could ever want. We are one of the oldest orchards in the state of Virginia.

Georges Botanique Aromatiques – Handmade vegan soaps and skin care products. Goals and Mission: Develop partnerships with like-minded individuals who know an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious approach to living is a necessity to health and wellness. Identify individuals engaged in knowing; who, what and why natural, handmade vegan soaps and skin care products are healthier for your skin. Educate the community that store-bought generic skin care products and soaps are mass produced with misleading product labels. Inform consumers that cost and quantity of cosmetic products is mutually exclusive for being “good for you”.

PinUp Preserves – PinUp Preserves is the brainchild of Rayna C. Richardson, an entrepreneur and artist who currently resides in the Washington, D.C., metro area. She grew up in a house that was always filled with homemade meals where you could taste the love and care in each bite. Keeping those traditions alive, Rayna started making preserves to share with friends and test her own culinary skills. What began as a creative outlet quickly turned into a delicious and high-demand endeavor. Now, Rayna is bringing her unique brand of preserves to you! PinUp Preserves is produced out of Union Kitchen in the NoMa neighborhood of Washington, D.C. They use organic and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. You will soon be able to purchase our products online and at select retail locations.

Senzu Juicery – Farm fresh ingredients from family-run businesses. Many cold-pressed juices to choose from change up your order to fit your diet our juices are low in sugar and start at just 70 calories a serving. Ingredients are locally sourced from family owned farms. Specialty produce that is fresher than the supermarket. Sustainability-grown produce helps preserve soil and reduce erosion.

Capitol Kettle Corn – Capitol Kettle Corn is a family owned operation located in Maryland. With a business model dedicated to offering customer quality, valued customer service, and of course the delectable and always deliciously sweet/salty treat. Kettle Corn is considered by far one of the very best tasting fresh treats. Using all natural ingredients: local popping corn, 100% Corn Oil, granulated sugar, and salt. A healthy source of carbohydrates, one of the body’s main sources of energy, excellent source of fiber, and a snack preferred over most processed candy.”

Eat170 – Locally owned and operated. Home of the “Dooney Roll”. Featuring handcrafted meatballs (turkey & beef) w/ sauces to choose from (Jerk, Jack Daniels, Sweet & Sour and Mumbo. And Chicken Wings – Jerk, Old Bay, Teriyaki, Garlic & Herb

Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweet Treats – Located in Washington, D.C., Ruby Scoops is a local and online retailer of premium small batch ice creams, sorbets, sherbets, and desserts, all handcrafted and scratch made in Union Kitchen by Chef & Owner, Rabia Kamara.

Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuits – An artisan dog biscuit bakery specializing in healthy, gourmet treats. Oven baked in small batches, they are sure to make your dog’s tail wag with delight. Flaxseed, Omega 3, No Soy, No Corn, No Wheat – Be overwhelmed with Flavor!

Dea Silver & Women’s Accouterments – A local minority family-owned and operated small business offering a host of silver jewelry, purses and more. They conduct business at the State Department four times a year.”

  • Trinidaddy

    This is great news. I wonder how this will fit in with the existing hot mess that’s there now.

  • Guy

    I’m hoping for the best and will plan on stopping by but this should be interesting given the plaza’s current state…
    In other H St News, demolition of the H Street Connection strip mall began today!!

    • Hill Denizen


  • jdh03

    First, they close the Checkers near the same intersection, and tease us with the possibility that it may be a Chick-Fil-A (I despise their politics, but love the polynesian sauce). Now they close that wreck of a bus stop/streetcar stop for a farmer’s market. Where is left for people to loiter and shift about listlessly? Oh, that’s right. The corner of 11th and H.

    • Dadric

      Be fair, they still have 8th and H too.

    • Alex

      At least the police finally responded to our complaints about the heroin market at 11th and I. Maybe that will end soon too…one can dream.

    • It’s a free trolley ride to Union Market!

  • Hill Denizen

    Out of curiosity, who is going to go to a farmer’s market here between 3 and 7? If you live nearby, it maybe gives you an hour to get there before they close. I’m guessing a lot of MD commuters pass here, but is there enough parking to make a pit stop on the way home?

    • JoDa

      That’s actually one of my big gripes about a lot of the neighborhood farmer’s markets. They either run from 3/4-7 PM on a weeknight or 8 AM – Noon on a weekend. If you get there with less than an hour left, it’s slim pickings. I typically get off the Metro after 6, so the weeknight ones are basically sold out, and I have a million things drawing my attention on weekend mornings (largely household stuff, and getting some extra shut-eye) such that getting showered, dressed, and there by 10:30 to have a good selection is a tough sell.
      I usually shop at one of the downtown mid-day farmer’s markets because of that. Both USDA and the plaza at Federal Triangle have mid-day Friday markets, and USDA has a Friday night market, too (though the evening one is a bit more prepared-foods focused).

  • jmarkman

    Who announces something like this the day of? Was this publicized elsewhere and POPville and others are just now getting it?

    • JoDa

      I heard about this at least a month ago on Frozen Tropics.

    • SF

      They announced day-of last year too. The organizing body (H Street Main Street) is terrible about this.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Walked by there today. One side had the vendors. The other side the men/women doing drugs, publicly drinking; the usual.

  • Robert

    Publicly drinking. Oh, the horrors.


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