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Great Garden Haul Vol. 20 – Stronghold

by Prince Of Petworth July 21, 2016 at 10:05 pm 6 Comments

Garden plums 2016

“Plums ripened up the past week: Santa Rosas (red), Damsons (purple), and the rare Green Gages.

Address in Stronghold is 21 Evarts St NE

Canned the 6 qt bowl of damsons into 6 pints of jam last night…”


Ed. Note: When your gardens start to get full of tomatoes, cucumbers, whatever you’re growing – send an email to [email protected] with Garden Haul in the title and please include the neighborhood where you grew it.

  • Linc Park SE

    Looks delicious – Great photo!

  • Jen

    My grandmother would make damson jam & give it to us when we had the hiccups. A spoonful fixed everything. She called it hiccup jelly & I never knew what the fruit was until someone gave me a jar & I ate some with toast. It was all wrong. I can only eat it when I’ve got the hiccups.

    Good memories. Thanks for sharing!!

  • P. Lecheval

    You know why they call them Damson plums? After the first bite, you’ll exclaim, “Damn, son!”

  • ANC

    Those greenies are dreamy!

  • Truxton Thomas

    Those look amazing! Well done!

  • MPinDC

    Thanks for posting the address in Stronghold (link to microshowcase) – I’m amazed at all the fruit trees (and vegetables) you have growing in a small spot. Wow!!


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