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“Contractor recommendation for water service line replacement”

by Prince Of Petworth July 26, 2016 at 1:50 pm 7 Comments

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“Hello PoPville,

Can anyone recommend a contractor to replace the private portion of our water service line? We have a leak somewhere in the service line and DC Water has already come out to confirm it isn’t on the public side (they also went ahead and replaced the public portion of the lead line).

Now we need someone to come out to identify the location of the leak or better still just replace the rest of the line. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

We had one company come out but haven’t received the quote yet, they also claimed the permit was “optional” and up to me to decide if we wanted one. This sounds suspicious to me, never heard of permits being optional before but they said the job would be an extra $1000 if we permitted it as they would have to dig on the outside of the foundation wall instead of just pushing the pipe through from the inside.”

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  • Mike

    We went through somthing similar and were very happy with the work done by Aspen Hill Plumbing – 301/933-0801

    • HaileUnlikely

      I have not had this work done but have hired Aspen Hill Plumbing for other plumbing work and I highly recommend them in general. If I were having this done on my own (i.e., not concurrent with the city replacing the public side), I’d go with them.

  • dat

    That’s odd, when we got our lead service line the DC Water contractor (Corinthian Construction, if I recall correctly) replaced the entire thing and just billed us for the private portion.

    • A2thel0

      Do you remember how much it cost to replace the private line when you went through DC Water’s contractor? Am dealing with this issue now and hoping to get an idea of how much I’m in for.

  • Paul

    I used HFH Plumbing last year for the same issue with a crack on the private side pipe that was about ten feet from my house wall. The work involved digging a five foot trench (including under my porch) to the cutoff valve dividing the public/private lines. It was a lot of work in the summer heat. The work cost about $4200, and I was very satisfied.

  • J H

    We used Magnolia plumbing they did a great job and it complete in a few days for 1k less than Cropp Metcalf which took over a month just for an estimate.

  • Langdon Alger

    Otto Seidel
    1354 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
    Phone: (202) 397-7000


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