• CPT_Doom

    Thanks for this pic. I walked by about a half and hour later and the trash truck was gone – I could not figure out how the bus could have been sustained damage that high up.

  • OP Anon

    Is it legal for the truck to be hauling a dumpster like that? It looks really, really dangerous.

    • Anon

      Is it legal to be riding dirty?

      • Anon3

        FTW! LOL

  • textdoc

    Is it terrible that my first thought when I saw this was “Well, at least it wasn’t the streetcar”?
    On a less facetious note… I hope nobody was hurt.

  • annonny

    I hope nobody was hurt as well. But this made me laugh. Annoying overzealous bus takes on annoying overzealous trash hauler. Neither wins. Thanks for sharing.

  • DupontDC

    How does a bus even drive down S St? That street is so narrow!

    • Anonymous

      The bus doesn’t drive down S St, it’s just a cross street near where the photo was taken.

      • DupontDC

        Got it – thanks!

  • thor


  • psoccer55

    Walking by this morning, it looked like the bus was stopped at the light (11th and Vt.) and the trash truck tried to make a right turn onto northbound S. st.

    • Anonymous

      Northbound 11th street? (S street runs east-west.)

  • Micha holmes

    WHO IS FOX??

    • Fox


      Also I should correct that this is on Vermont and 11th just before S street.

  • mdtodc

    Were there any injuries reported? I really hope no one was sitting in those first couple seats.


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