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“Best traffic conductor on 11th & Mass Ave NW – Where did he go?”

by Prince Of Petworth July 12, 2016 at 2:10 pm 27 Comments

crossing conductor
Photo by PoPville flickr user VJ Kapur

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve lived in DC for a little over a year now. It is rare acts of kindness and sincerity that I’ve grown to appreciate more and more. I think that one of those great acts of kindness and sincerity should be recognized – big shout out to the traffic conductor that stands proudly every week day morning at the intersection of 11th and Massachusetts Ave NW. He always greets everyone with a great attitude, a big smile, and cares genuinely about the cyclists and pedestrians during their morning commutes. He goes out of his way to bravely conduct traffic, and greets people around him. I’ve never come across any other public servant in his position that cares as much about active safety and is pleased to serve, rain or shine, despite the weather conditions, as him. I wish I knew his name because I truly believe he is one of DC’s unsung heroes. I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks, he hasn’t been at the intersection, and instead there’s 2-4 traffic conductors on each corner of the intersection, mostly standing around talking, and not doing much to promote the safety of those passing by. When I tried to ask where the other gentleman was, they didn’t know who I was talking about.

Does anyone know whether he has moved posts, maybe gone on summer vacation, or if he’s okay? I look forward to seeing him every morning during my commute and I’ve been disappointed in the lack of effort that others positioned in that area to replace him have been.”

  • fka Shawess

    I wish I had an answer for you, but can only agree with you that this guy is outstanding. I used to see him frequently on my commute and he was always greeting people of all ages and backgrounds in English and Spanish. He often helped me start my day on a happy note.

  • Elvis’s Mom

    I actually know this one! His name is Tony, and he has the summer off for his other job but will hopefully be back in the fall. I have the email address of his supervisor, so Dan can give you my deets to get that if you’d like to send an email to let her know what a great job he does. -Kristin, Elvis’s Mom

    • Vanessa

      We’ve been missing Tony, too, and sadly will be leaving the neighborhood soon. I’d also love to send his supervisor an email if folks wouldnt mind connecting us. Thanks!

  • ParkViewneighbor

    This guy is awesome. He almost makes me forget the scary Md drivers when i reach the intersection. Bring him back !

  • DLI

    I think he’s a School Crossing Guard, and so he is off for the summer. There is another guard on 11th and Vermont who is amazing as well. I think they just have off while school it out and will come back in the Fall.

  • Anon

    He is the best. I figured he was on a 4th of July holiday and cannot wait for him to return, he makes that section so comfortable and smooth for everyone: biker, walker, driver. The contrast to the 2-4 traffic conductors there now is amazing. They don’t do anything. Tony is terrific example of the impact a public employee can have on the city, if only we had more like him!

  • Tsar of Truxton

    A squirrel fox! I hope you caught that ;-)

  • MrTinDC
    • textdoc

      This is a great story — thanks for the link!

  • Logal Circle Girl

    I live right there and he is such a joy to see every morning. Always puts a smile on everyone’s face. Friendly, chatty, does his job well.

  • Anon

    TONY! He’s the best – always high fiving my fellow cyclists and chasing after strollers to say good morning to the babies. Can’t wait for him to come back!

  • Elvis’s Mom
  • wdc

    I don’t know Tony, but from the descriptions, it seems like the crossing guard at New Hampshire and R is cut from the same cloth. But my guy is only at his post sporadically. It used to be about 4 days a week, then one, then he was gone for months, then back for a day or two… But when he’s there, he’s lovely. Anyone know his story?

    • Duponteer

      Just saw this after I posted below – I thought he only worked when school was in session, but I could be wrong

    • Amber

      Yes! I used to drive that way to work, and I never minded sitting at that light, he was just so happy.

  • Duponteer

    I really liked the traffic man at New Hampshire and R NW. Not sure if he’s still there or not as I’ve since moved but I used to see him every morning during the school year. He was so friendly and had a nice word and a smile for everybody regardless of the day’s weather. Definitely made the morning slog a little easier!

  • Jen

    He is fantastic! I have lived at that intersection for 12 years and the man ALWAYS has a smile and waves and talks to everyone! He is truly a delight! He is off for summer, happens every year.

  • AlisonR

    TONY! He is the absolute best. My husband and I walked to work for the past 6 years, passing him every morning. Our last day in the neighborhood before moving to Petworth was his last day of school. He is on his summer vacation but I am sure he will return in the fall. What a lovely man. I miss him already!

  • Danielle

    Adding to the chorus. He is incredible!

  • Deb Saxon

    I second your comments about him being one of DC’s unsung heroes. He only works during the school year, but for many years now, I get giddy with excitement when he shows up again in September and we pass him in the mornings throughout the school year. His positive spirit and smile and poise inspire so many commuters who cross through that intersection, whether by foot, bike or car. He should know he is a bright spot in the day for many!

  • KBT


  • Mat

    He is absolutely the best. I ride my bike by that intersection almost every day with my son in a bike seat. He remembers my son’s name and gives him a high five or fist bump every time. We couldn’t ask for a better way to start the day. Look forward to having him back.

  • textdoc

    I love that so many people chimed in about their own encounters with this guy.. Makes me think I need to find some reason to stop by that area during the school year so that I can witness him in action.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      You should! And PS all, heard back from his supervisor and he will be back in August. We should get a group together to welcome him back, no?

  • David Tumblin

    I agree! He is so wonderful!!

  • KP

    Tony is awesome! He greets me every day as I cycle to work. I noticed this last year and asked him in the fall, he only works during the school year. So he should be back in September.

  • Bird

    This guy. Faith in humanity personified


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