• Amy

    Uhh why the hell does she treat the panda like a dog? Is this normal for zoos? “Good boy!! What a good boy! Go outside and plaaay!” so ODD!

    • textdoc

      I can’t view the video (it must be something blocked by my work), but zoos do indeed train animals using positive reinforcement (treats, praise). I think it’s usually so that they can do medical procedures (ultrasounds, blood draws) when necessary — e.g., the animal doesn’t mind holding out a paw for a blood draw, because he/she has been trained to hold a paw out in exchange for treats.

      • JoDa

        That’s exactly what she explains they’re doing here, if you watch the video. They’re training him so that, eventually, he will give a specific paw to check for issues/injuries or lay down for an ultrasound or whatnot. She’s not training him to sit and beg for fun!


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