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Mushrooms for Murry’s

by Prince Of Petworth June 1, 2016 at 9:55 am 35 Comments

3400 Georgia Ave, NW

Well this is wild. And pretty potentially awesome. Post’s Express reports:

“…on June 12, Curtis, 30, is opening a second, much larger production facility in D.C.’s Park View neighborhood to grow more mushrooms as well as microgreens.

The new, 7,200-square-foot space at 3400 Georgia Avenue — dubbed The Perch — will allow Curtis to keep up with the demand for mushrooms. The space will also be used for classes on mushroom growing, and Curtis will make the building available to the community for event rentals (a clothing swap is already planned).”

rip murry
back in the day

  • Ben

    I read about that and was wondering where it would go. Very neat!

  • Anony

    Sounds like an interesting business venture for the area. This doesn’t hide the fact that Zuckerman Partners has managed to indefinitely stall two HUGE developments on GA (Post Office lot and Murry’s) which were both scheduled to be finished by now by the developers (NDC and RedBrick) they purchased them from.

    It is apparent that Zuckerman has no plans to develop any properties on Georgia that they’ve been grabbing up. They seem content to rent to pop ups and temporary businesses until the price is right to sell the land. Sad really.

    • Longtime resident

      People ripping on the Zuckerman’s need to give it a rest.

      They just refused to renew lease with Petworth Liquor two blocks south of this location and a dog day care business will replace it.

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        Plus, popup or not, it’s better than the vacant waste it is now. I am sure they’re waiting on the Park Morton redev, which isn’t that far down the road now. I’ve also heard Alfie’s is going to stay in the old Mothership space. So Park View will have the bookstore, Midlands, Alfie’s, this mushroom place, and a dog day care place on top of DC Reynolds, Looking Glass Lounge, Heat Da Spot, Colony Club, Small Fry…sounds pretty good to me! I wish I was living in my house–I’d never have to leave the neighborhood!

        • Anon

          “Park Morton redev, which isn’t that far down the road now”

          Famous last words…

        • Longtime resident

          Yes, this.

          Front of Murry’s has become ground zero for GA Ave. loitering in Park View. Excited for legit foot traffic/business activity to send these people on their way.

        • Anony

          Park Morton is at least 5 years off, putting Zuckerman Partners to begin the process so by your theory they might develop it in just shy of a decade.

          • Formerly ParkViewRes

            Q1 2018 and it seems to be moving along. Demolition will begin on Park Rd side first.

          • Anony

            @Formerly ParkViewRes, so the demo is 2 years off according to their plans. Let’s not forget the past but giving your timeline the complete benefit of the doubt, in a build first scenario they won’t even get the BM site build until at least 2020-21 leaving the current PM to be built by 2023-24. Zuckerman’s begin construction then and finish 2026, keeping in mind this is all best case scenario….just shy of a decade boss.

      • Anony

        Really? They received a higher rent from the dog day care. They are not angels they are business people.

        I do recognize they have been responsive to community issues around their properties such as litter, lighting and cameras over the past year which is appreciated but it doesn’t hide the fact that they have owned the majority of the most undeveloped stretch of GA for several years now. It is becoming more apparent what their real intentions are with this stretch and it is pointing to no near-term development..

        • Anonymous

          I find it hard to believe that a dog day care provider can afford to pay a higher rent than a liquor store. But I don’t know what the going rate and volume is for dog day care services.

      • Anony

        Murry’s has been touted as their first development however it appears that can is being kicked down the road once again as with what happened on the Post Office lot. The real reason that they didn’t develop the Post Office lot is that they were unsuccessful in buying up the final two buildings in between Alfies and the Post Office. Neighborhood Development Co. (NDC) had this all but approved and ready to go for 110 market rate units back in 2011. The only thing that changed is Zuckerman got their hands on it.

      • Tim


      • textdoc

        I think the Zuckermans do deserve some criticism for stalling… but they also deserve some credit for putting these “pop-up” businesses in. (It’s to their benefit too, though — helps them avoid being taxed at the vacant-property rate.)
        And I don’t think it’s accurate that they have “no plans to develop any properties on Georgia” — they’re just going about it a lot more slowly than most of us would like.
        I didn’t realize that they were the ones holding Petworth Liquor’s lease — kudos to them for not renewing it.

  • MtP

    This is so strange and so awesome. Really glad he is doing well and wish him success. Unique things like this really add to a neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    This is neat, but I do wonder how the surrounding area smells. My memories of indoor mushroom farms in rural PA involve the smell of a lot of manure, even from hundreds of yards away.

    • Longtime resident

      This is my one concern. In my experience, mushroom farms (large-scale ones, at least) smell like shit. Literally.

      • Anony

        Oh that is awesome

        • Anony

          Didn’t even think of the stank, why in the world would you open that in a dense neighborhood??

          • Anon

            Ingenious plan to drive out the loiterers?

      • textdoc

        LOL and uh-oh!

    • AE

      Mushrooms grow in many mediums beside manure, like coffee grounds., straw, sawdust, logs. Don’t expect manure would be the preferred medium for urban mushroom growing

    • FJ

      My assumption is that they’ll grow shiitake mushrooms by inoculating logs. I used to live in a community where some folks would do this, it requires a shady area and some dead trees, produces no smell. Each log lasts a couple seasons, once it has decomposed you just get some new ones. Pretty easy, low mess, can make a profit if you keep at it. I just read a USDA profile of a shiitake farmer on a pdf, should be pretty easy to dig up online if you’re curious.

  • J

    Park View has been attracting a great and diverse set of businesses recently: Midlands, Alfie’s, Small Fry, District Dogs, Wall of Books, Lemon Bowl, Salsa with Silvia, the recently-announced Spanish grocery. Here’s hoping the trend continues!

    • MS

      Where is the Spanish grocery going into?

      • Egad

        I read something (I forget where) about a Latino grocery coming to Georgia and Park Rd but there were not any more details. Does anyone know if this is going to be a real grocery store like Panam or El Progresso or more like a well-stocked corner store?

        • textdoc

          Oh God — I hope it’s not another corner store. Georgia Avenue between Quincy and Harvard already has a surfeit of corner stores. (Many not even on corners.)

    • Anonymous

      Enjoy it while it lasts. It will continue until the folks holding most of these properties acquire the remaining parcels they don’t own, tear everything down and put up luxury rentals and condos with high-priced restaurants and bars as the commercial tenants – ala 14th St. NW. Unless the businesses you named actually own the buildings they are in, they probably won’t be around after the next round of redevelopment.

  • stacksp

    Are these hallucinogenic mushrooms? What is the whole point of all of this? I need to Google this….

  • jcm

    I’m a big fan of Good Sense, but I think this is terrible news for the neighborhood, and I’m really surprised it is allowed under C-2-A zoning. What Georgia Ave needs is mixed-use residential development and foot traffic. A single-story mushroom farm is dead space that is not much better than the current vacant building.
    Zuckerman has brought three large scale residential projects to a screeching halt, and in the meantime the city is giving away a park because they claim there’s no developable land in the neighborhood. I find it amazing that anyone who lives here would be happy about this situation.

    • textdoc

      Pretty much agreed — I think the only reason people are pleased is that at least there’ll be _something_ there rather than a vacant storefront.

    • Anony

      I too would like to know if Zuckerman and our elected officials were even once considering the affects on the surrounding neighbors and community. It appears not.

      • textdoc

        Pfft — as if!!

    • Anon

      Agreed. We are losing the only park in the neighborhood because of the shortage of land that can be used for mixed-use residential, but we have room for a giant mushroom farm?!?

      • Just Saying

        the mushrooms should go in Bruce Monroe Park! at least it would be in good use as opposed to the four people that play in it


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