Washington, DC

target checkout

“Dear PoPville,

Forget about seeing a cashier at the Columbia Heights Target.

Target in Columbia Heights has recently installed self-checkout. Now after the self-checkout addition 5 out of my last 6 visits I noticed the express checkout is closed even during the peak use of 5-6 PM during the week. I’ve had to self-checkout.

The express lane similar to the express lane at Whole Foods was extremely fast and successful. The self-checkout is slow and has the typical equipment error issues and slower lines. Some CVS stores recently got rid of their self-checkout for that reason and theft. Target had even expanded the express section of checkout over the last year because it was successful. So why the recent change?

Being a curious individual I asked a manger why this change happened. Her response was first this was a request form the customers. Well this customer requests a return to the old way.

Then after continuing the conversation she said “this allows us (Target) to keep less employees on the floor.” Directly decreasing the number of jobs needed on any given shift. In a community where jobs are needed and customer is always appreciated Target is directly decreasing the number of staff by their mangers admission. It is curious that this change also allows them to reduce the number of employees in advance of an increased minimum wage. Looks like Target found a way around that. Now only if they used that staff to keep their shelves stocked….”


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