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  • AA

    Are you diabetic? Looking for low carb? Sugar free doesn’t mean low carb which is why I’m asking.

    Not a lot of options for you, honestly. I think Cheesecake factory sells a sugar free cheesecake (but still pretty high in carbs). Rita’s ice has some occasionally.

    You’re best bet is to hit the store up. Halo Top Ice cream is at Whole foods & Yes. Lots of sugar free options in the grocers freezer

    • Keto Dieter

      Halo Top is the bomb! I would suggest going to Yes over Wholefoods, as it’s cheaper and the have more flavors. If you want bake goods you are probably better off making your own. If you are low carb you can substitute flour with almond meal or coconut flour

  • Anon

    No idea, but I’d look in neighborhoods that have a lot of elderly people. Unfortunately, this probably means places outside of the District like Old Town Alexandria.

  • John

    Fresh fruit is always nice.

  • lizcolleena

    Sticky Fingers is apparently vegan so should be free of white sugar (white sugar is processed using animal bone or something). Free of any kind of sugar / sweetener seems tough.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Interesting. I once saw a big bag of white sugar labeled “100% Vegan” in Whole Foods. Not knowing this about processing of “ordinary” sugar, I made some snide remark about preferring the sugar that has pork in it.

    • C_petworth

      vegan desserts tend to have more sweeteners in them to compensate for lack of butter and dairy
      my sister did a stint as a vegan baker in college

      i like to make my own Popsicle out of fruit juice (natural sugar but nothing added)

  • Y.U. Parcthar

    No. thankfully.

  • Anonymous

    If its strictly refined sugar, than maybe try searching for Paleo or Raw Foods options. Whole Foods has a lot of this thing. Khepra’s or Elizabeth Gone Raw.

  • JMR

    Thomas Sweet in Georgetown has really good sugar free soft serve. And now I really want some.

  • Ms. D

    I have no local rec to give, but I will say SHAME to the largely judgmental comments. My SIL is a type 1 diabetic, and enjoys cheesecake just as much as anyone here who can actually process a hit of sugar in our bloodstream. There’s a bakery local to her that makes an excellent splenda cheesecake, so she’s lucky. Even if the question is because they *want* to eat less sugar but not miss out, that’s not a *bad* thing.
    OP, if you can’t find anything good local, try looking at South Beach Diet forums. Because that doesn’t restrict dairy (unless you also need to restrict dairy), there are lots of good suggestions for homemade that are sugar-free.

    • Yes, shame on you evil people!

    • Anon

      Which comments struck you as judgmental?


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