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“PSA for Attempted Assault/Props to the Neighbors in Ledroit Park”

by Prince Of Petworth June 28, 2016 at 2:15 pm 19 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I’m writing to share a scary experience I had last night in Ledroit Park, both to warn the community of a dangerous individual and to thank the many neighbors that came to my rescue.

The TL;DR version is that last night in Ledroit Park on 4th St. NW between RI Ave. and Old Maple Ave., a man chased and attempted to assault me. Black male, maybe in his 30s, but I didn’t get a good look. Black t-shirt, black jeans, black bookbag. He ran away towards Florida Ave/RI Ave. and New Jersey and was seen swinging at others and attempting to knock over bikers. I do not know if he was apprehended, so please be aware and on the lookout!

Details of the incident are below:

I live in Bloomingdale and around 7:45pm (estimated, I’m not sure exactly) last night, Monday 6/27, I was walking my dog on 4th St. NW coming from Florida Ave./Rhode Island Ave. and walking toward Old Maple Ave. (Ledroit Market is on the corner). I saw this man approaching and he seemed a bit weary of my dog, who is a 70 lb. bull terrier. This happens sometimes as he’s kind of intimidating, and I make sure to keep my dog very close and give a friendly look to assure people he’s not going to bother them. As this man got close to us, he said, and I’m paraphrasing, “I’m going to kick your dog! You shouldn’t bring your dog around my neighborhood or I’ll kill it. Get the f*** out of here you b****.” It took a minute for me to even register what he was saying and I just tried to move out of his way and continue on. He then turned around and started to chase me with his arms out as if he was going to grab and/or punch me. He continued to scream that he was going to kill me and there were some racial undertones (“white devil bitch,” etc.). I don’t want to make this about that though, because this was a person who was either having a psychotic episode, a drug issue, or both. I started running and went into the middle of the street and saw that there was another man on the opposite side of the street and I was just hoping to flag him down or have a car stop. Anything to get away from the guy.

Thankfully, I was able to run fast enough and scream loud enough to dissuade him from continuing to pursue me. Probably 10 or more people came out of their houses immediately to assist me, some followed the man to get a better look and called the police (I don’t carry my phone when I walk, ironically to attempt to prevent similar events like muggings), and others stayed with me until the police came. To these neighbors, thank you so much for not accepting screams for help as the usual noises of the city and for truly caring about my safety and the safety of my dog.

When a police car arrived, no sirens on, the officers did not get out of their cars and only took a brief statement about the suspect (they did not ask for my information or stay to let me file a report). I assume they wanted to get back out and pursue him, which was definitely the immediate priority, although I did feel a little as though they weren’t very concerned about me. As I mentioned, I do not know if he was apprehended. He was making such a scene at a big intersection afterwards, that I hope he attracted enough attention to be caught. He probably needed an ambulance more than a police car though.

Ultimately, I just want everyone to be aware, but also to remember that good neighbors still exist and we can all benefit from watching out for one another. Thanks!”

  • Anon

    Sounds like this gentleman smoked too much PCP. I’m sorry this happened to you OP.

  • Effie

    Thankfully you are alright. You did the right thing by screaming, trust me, good thinking on your part. And a definite thanks to the nearby surrounding neighbors for being great citizens and looking out. We need more of this in the city. As far as this guy, this unfortunately sounds like someone suffering either from a mental illness or a drug-related problem.

  • anon

    Call your police district commander. The officers absolutely should have taken a report. I’m sure there are good cops out there, but so many try to dismiss stuff by refusing to write a report.

    • textdoc


    • dcd

      Yes. And police refusal to take reports in connection incidents like this is why any time someone says, “Look at the statistics! Crime is down!” everyone who has lived in DC for any period of time just rolls their eyes.

  • Anon. no. 5

    I saw this guy too, must have been a few min right before/after you (sorry didn’t hear any screaming other than his so I just kept walking). He was walking south on 4th, and when I saw him he was just south of T wandering in the middle of the street headed toward FL/RI/NJ screaming at people.

  • 16thSter

    Did this person have a personal shopping cart? Was he skinny? Yesterday a man rand his personal shopping cart into a woman on 14th St. I waited for him to act out again before calling 911 and I didn’t see any other suspicious actions.

    • kharr89

      OP here. He did not have a shopping cart when I encountered him. He was averagely skinny, I guess. The guys who went after him on my behalf told me that he was swinging at anyone he came across, including people on bikes. Another neighbor of mine told me this morning that her boyfriend thought he saw the same guy around 9pm (meaning the police potentially did not find him in the hour after my incident) with a large stick trying to hit people and trying to break the door of a restaurant. To your point about not seeing any other suspicious actions, I was walking toward him prior to the incident and noticed nothing out of the ordinary until he was right up on me. So maybe the outbursts were coming in waves.

  • LedroitTigah

    Oh that is awful – Im sorry you had this experience, but am grateful for the good people of Ledroit (ahem…) for being such fine neighbors.

  • lmfb

    Glad you are alright. We saw him too around that time, walking south around the corner of 4th and T. He was yelling at a woman on a bike, but walking away from her. He was pretty scary. I’m glad to hear our neighbors came when they heard you yell!

  • anan

    OP, please go online to the MPD website and report this. It will at least get it into the system so that other shifts will be aware and so the local commander can send resources to the area as needed. Documentation of these incidents in very important, not just for traceability and accountability, but also for future prevention. (Hopefully I’m not just naive in believing this when the police tell me it is so).

    • victoria

      So glad you are ok! But seriously – this is the kind of thing that “community policing” is supposed to prevent. A violent mentally ill person should be known to the officers in the area. There should then also be a way to help him (or put him somewhere that he doesn’t threaten others.) Yes, I know that sounds like expecting rainbows and unicorns – but seriously it is not in any way. Good policing works with good citizens to deal with normal, tragic, but anticipated, human s**t.

    • textdoc

      You can’t report violent stuff via MPD’s online reporting system — only non-violent stuff.

  • anonymous

    Wait this kind of stuff only happens in Columbia Heights right?

    • victoria

      Is there an abbreviation for “To stupid to reply?”

  • Bloomingdale Resident

    I think I have seen this man too recently in Bloomingdale area but more towards Rhode Island Ave./Shaw. This past Sunday he was yelling at people that time as well something along the lines of ‘this is my corner.’ This morning while walking my dog he was interacting/staring at the guys working on the new DCity space on 2nd and Florida.

  • nick_g

    This sounds like the serial tripper to me. Lunges at people all the time, including me. If it is, it’s mind boggling he’s still on the streets (I saw him yesterday outside U St metro reading the paper without a care in the world).

  • mona demarkov

    Love Bloomingdale/LeDroit neighbors. They don’t take $hit and will respond when they hear things. They apprehended a I attempting to attack a woman on S st NW not to long ago.

  • Anon6

    The officers should have gotten your contact info, or told you to stay in place until another unit could arrive to speak with you. That’s the only way to support appropriate charges or civil commitment should this person eventually be found. You should contact the District Commander and/or Chief to inform them of this oversight, so that they speak to the officers involved.


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