“One last Pierogi Night!” and other Final Fun Events at Domku

by Prince Of Petworth June 1, 2016 at 11:50 am 7 Comments

821 Upshur Street, NW

From Domku:

June 4 —Celebrate Petworth Day. This year’s event will hold extra meaning for us, of course, and we are quietly choosing to refer to it as “Celebrate Domku Day”, because “Why not?” Please stop in as you go through the fair and post a favorite memory or description of a favorite meal to our Petworth memory wall. You might even win a free WHOLE ALMOND CAKE!

June 15— One last Pierogi Night! Who cares if it’s not winter? 7-10pm

June 21-24 — Best of Domku Pop-Up at Domku. Domku is popping up in itself! Many of you have asked that we make a favorite dish one last time so here is your chance to get the greatest hits of our dinner menu. Look for stroganoff, Hungarian goulash, Serbian gibanica,
Swedish meatballs, nalesniki, pork schnitzel, etc. June 24 will be the final dinner service.

June 25 —Starting at 6pm CLOSING PARTY POT LUCK. Let’s rip off our sad faces and celebrate the end of a marvelous era. We invite anyone who wants to come, and in the true spirit of how this place started with neighbors chipping in, we’re making this a community pot luck event. Bonus points for Scandinavian or Eastern European-inspired dishes! Domku will be open for brunch as usual, but will not be offering dinner service so that our kitchen staff can take part in the celebrations, too. We probably won’t have any food left anyway!

June 26 —Final Pancake Brunch Service and Garage Sale. Grab a Norwegian pancake and a memento of Domku! Have you been eyeing that bird coat rack, chandelier, a pretty plate, or even one of our chairs? It’s all going to be for sale. Cash only.”

  • GinDC

    What a shame, awesome food but terrible service. I would have been more times, but I couldn’t take it. It seems like something that would be pretty easy to fix.

  • Anonymous

    One last “oh, we’re out of Pierogis” Night. Sigh.

  • Steve F

    I was eyeing that bird coat rack! Chandeliers are a bit over the top for my place though.

  • Closing party potluck? So wait, you’re supposed to bring your own food to a restaurant? And since they won’t be providing any food, what are they chipping in–drinks?

    • textdoc

      Somehow this doesn’t seem like a surprising way for Domku to go out.

      • I know, right? At least I know if I brought my own dish, they couldn’t tell me they were out of it!

    • Hill Denizen

      They say they won’t have any food left, yet they’re doing brunch the next day???


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