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New Series: Wait, What’s Behind There? Vol. 1 – Firehook in Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth June 28, 2016 at 10:05 pm 10 Comments

3411 Connecticut Ave, NW

Kicking this series off with a classic – the Cleveland Park Firehook with one of the most pleasant and most unexpected patios in town:


surrounded by grapes:


Last vestige of the legendary Roma Restaurant:


  • Blithe

    Wow! I’m really going to enjoy this new series!

  • jaybird

    Love the mural from Roma on the exterior wall. Loved that place.

    • Decent basic red sauce Italian, but I probably miss Pines of Florence from further down Connecticut more… and I sure don’t miss all the taxidermy!

      • jaybird

        I certainly loved the kitsch more than the food. For me Zebra Room and from way back, Capricorn were favorites.

  • mp

    Roma had a brief reprise in Mt Pleasant – owner of building where Purple Patch is now brought some incarnation of Roma to the space. Called Bella Roma, it lasted about two years before the space became Tonic.

    • saf

      Wasn’t the same folks. That was people from Bella Roma, which had opened across the street after Roma closed. They had to close when that building was gutted and rehabbed.

  • Troy

    A few years back that’s the main reason I would go to Firehook was this outdoor seating out back and that grape vine arbor back there as well. Back then I was secretly hoping word wouldn’t get out about it and it would be a quasi secret spot but low and behold customers and meetings and laptops started their invasion and my secret spot was not so secret afterall..oh well

    • bruno

      Laptop hobos! How to deal with them?

  • bruno

    Shh! Keep it quiet! That’s my favorite secret place!!!! Really, it’s heavenly back there, especially when the sun is out and the fountain trickles.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I remember going to Roma as a kid and being mortified by the taxidermied stuffed animals, including a polar bear IIRC. It was a good cheap place for the family of five to get dinner. Then in college my BF and I would hang out on the patio and drink cheap red wine (the drinking age was 18 for beer and wine way back then).


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