“Moving Truck Parking Sign vs Tree Work Signs”

by Prince Of Petworth June 27, 2016 at 1:50 pm 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“I have no parking signs for a moving truck next Tuesday, June 28. All this week, our street has had no parking signs for tree work, and that was supposed to run through the 24th. I went out there this morning, and all of the tree work signs now say it’s scheduled for the 27th-July 1.

I’ve tried calling the number on our permit multiple times and leave message after message, but I’m wondering if anyone knows what I can do. Can I just put up my signs along the others and keep a copy of the permit on the dash? Or does the tree work supersede everything.”

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  • Did you try calling the agency who issued your permit to ask?

    • saf

      “I’ve tried calling the number on our permit multiple times and leave message after message,”

      From the post.

  • Shinola Detroit might be able to offer some advice and best practices

    • Anon


  • M

    I don’t know – but another warning: If there are competing signs posted, parking enforcement may not ticket anyone in your spot (and therefore they can not be towed). We had put up moving signs…and the people moving into our place put theirs up. Ours were for a Monday, theirs for a Tuesday. Of course a car was parked in the area on Monday and when parking enforcement came, she refused to ticket them because she said they could have seen the sign that said Tuesday and not known that Monday was off limits too. Infuriating because, what’s the point? Can’t even begin to imagine how many move out/move in scenarios there are. ANYWAYS – not the same situation as you but maybe it comes into play.

  • ontarioroader

    All legitimate signs have TOPS numbers, and the “tree work” signs do not have them. Some MPD and parking enforcement officials may write tickets, but the “tree work” signs are an illegitimate hold-over that tree crews continue to use to try to circumvent the TOPS process. I tear them all down on my block every time they pop up.

  • sbc

    maybe call DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration and talk with the person in charge of trees in your ward? I’ve found the Ward 6 people really easy to work with. They might be able to tell you exactly what time they’ll be working or reorder their day to give you time to move.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. I’ve worked with UFA and they are incredibly nice and helpful people. They’re not going to be jerks about this.

  • Adam

    I’ve seen the tree signs posted, and I don’t think they’re legit…My understanding is that if signs aren’t issued by the city with the registration code (or permit #), the signs are valid.

  • A

    I was in a similar situation when I moved (they were paving my new street). I woke up early and went over when the crew was starting out in the morning. I talked to the foreman and explained I had a permit as well with a moving truck coming around a particular time. He had no issues and moved everything out of the way when the moving truck arrived. Try going the day before or that morning to talk to the folks working and see if they’re willing to help out.

  • Deac

    OP here. Finally heard back from the city and they said to post them anyway. Went outside this morning and the tree guys were there and cut down three trees. Unfortunately, one of them was where one of my signs was up (and I had one on string between two trees). But my wife has since put one on a stick shoved into the dirt pile where the tree once was. And they should be gone for good, even though the signs said all week.

    • psoccer55

      Presuming the tree trimming signs are the ones that have going up in the Logan/U St area, they are not legit signs. All you need to do is look at them compared to yours and you should see a very clear difference.
      I called the number on them once as they blocked off a massive area around me and looked different enough for me to question them. The guy who picked up openly admitted that they do tree work for DDOT but the permits are too expesive so years ago they just copied the current ones and print their own now. They all say “By official order of MPD” if I remember correctly. I am just surprised DC never has bothered to go after the revenue they are losing.


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