More Beer Garden News – The Brig – “It is a go” Friday at 4pm!!

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2016 at 10:20 am 24 Comments

the brig
8th and L St, SE

So many long awaited openings are finally starting to open – next up – The Brig on lower Barracks Row. The announcement comes short and sweet:

“It is a go. We are opening Friday at 4:00. It is a soft opening and all are welcome. Come early and avoid the line.”

“german czech belgian and craft brewed beers”


  • “38N 77W”? That’s southeast of Fredericksburg in the middle of a field just off the Rapphannock. Did they just think the numbers sounded cool? They would have at least been closer to DC if they’d used 39 degrees.

    Sorry. That lack of both precision and accuracy can really set off a geographer.

    • Truxton Thomas

      This is going to devastate their standing with the drunken-geographer market.

    • Thanks for the tip, I was considering walking there with my map and compass.

  • According to this handy mapping tool the approximate longitude and Latitude for the biergarten is 38.877974°Longitude:-76.995208…Seems like they are pretty spot.


    • MPenton

      *Spot On

    • MPenton

      Also can imagine them trying to appeal to the Marine Barracks crowd which longitude and latitude is 38.8795° N, 76.9938° W

    • jcm

      You are not going to improve the mood of jburka the geographer. Using latitude and longitude without any decimals places gives roughly state-level accuracy. to identify the position of a place you want at least 4 digits after the decimal. And, as jburka pointed out, they are much closer to 39N than they are to 38N.

    • Anonymous

      I work with numbers every day in my job and can confirm that 38.877974 is *much* closer to 39 than to 38, so I wouldn’t say they’re “spot on”.

      • Anon

        Well goddamn, we got a real life mathematician here!

    • A degree of latitude is roughly 69 miles. Longitude varies by distance from the equator. By rounding 38.877974 down to 38, they’re off by over 61 miles. I have no idea how you could call that “spot on”.

      • anon123

        Wait, isn’t longitude always equal and latitude varies by distance from the equator?

        • Anonymous

          Distance between lines of latitude are always equal, distance between lines of longitude gets smaller as you get closer to the poles.

      • SWGuy


  • Hill Res

    Marine Barracks crowd would prefer a 10-digit grid instead.

    • geographer

      mgrs baby

  • According to what3words mapping their address would be prompting.pipe.agreed, which seems a much easier way to find them.

  • tim

    I know it’s such a snooty first world problem, but it’s really a pet peeve when places open with temporary banner signage – it feels more like the setting for a little league tournament. I believe the washington firehouse on north capitol st still has their temporary banner in place…

  • Jojo

    All you negative nancies can stay home. I’m excited to try it out.

  • BeerSchmadvocate

    “german czech belgian and craft brewed beers””

    So are we now all agreed that “craft” applies only to American non-macro beers, and continental imports are just “beer”?

    • John

      I think “craft” is a technical term that means “just throw a bunch of hops in there and people will think it’s worth 4 bucks more.”

  • hanon

    I’m excited to give it a try, but hopefully they plan on getting a few umbrellas

    • Umbrellas are so 2015, parasols are in now.

      • kanon

        very good point

  • Frank

    But is it dog friendly?


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