Massive Police Presence Outside Columbia Heights Metro

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2016 at 4:14 pm 24 Comments


A reader reports:

“Several law enforcement vehicles rushed sirens blazing to 14th and Irving around 3:50pm. According to someone at the scene, there was a fight between kids and the cops used Mace to break it up. Bad week on this stretch of 14th!”

Another reader reports:

“14th is basically closed again at the Columbia Heights metro for police response to a fight (?) from the high school. Traffic isn’t moving. Haven’t heard that any one was hurt.”

Updates when more is known, thanks to all who’ve emailed and tweeted.


Update from MPD:

“We have received several inquiries regarding police activity at 14th and Irving St NW. MPD units responded for a fight between several juveniles with a large crowd gathering. Officers intervened and two officers sustained minor injuries during the incident. Three subjects were placed under arrest and have been transported for processing. MPD has cleared the scene and traffic has reopened.”

  • FridayGirl

    And this is literally the least surprising news I’ve read all day.

    • KK

      It’s going to be a long summer

    • Barijho


  • That Man A

    looks like a mad house

  • K

    Anyone know what was going on on 13th Street NW (between Monroe and Otis) yesterday around 6:30pm? I was leaving Mt. Rona after voting and there were multiple fire trucks and many other emergency vehicles, though they didn’t seem like they were in a hurry.

  • neighbor

    Presumably they are protesting long lines and bad produce at the Giant?

    • Tina

      UGH, Giant is the worst! I’m gonna hurry up and join them…..

  • DJFinance

    It’s sad to see the neighborhood going in the wrong direction, because I really loved living there from 2010-2014. Glad I moved out though.

    • Rich

      You obviously didn’t live here in the 90s. And you’ve never lived near a high school at the end of a school year.

      • Maiden of Mount Pleasant

        I lived elsewhere in the 90s and am glad to have never lived in Marion Berry-era DC. My work in healthcare brought me here 7 years ago and while I never grew up thinking DC would be home, I got married and started my family here and have a vibrant, diverse group of friends and colleagues here. While I’m not discounting your statement, I don’t see the benefit in its implication that we should just suck it up and accept it, because hey! present-day DC is better than it ever was before. The tone-deafness of DC government is unacceptable. Everyone in the community deserves better than what is accepted with regards to crime. No more of this “kids will be kids” mentality. I’m a direct patient care provider at a trauma center down the street from 14th and Irving and I’m so tired of seeing young people’s lives marred by violence and unnecessary drama. This seems relatively tame compared to other events this week, but enough is enough.

        • Anonymous

          Do Bowser and Nadeua not understand how pissed people are over crime? Is there a disconnect? It’ almost cost Brandon Todd his job.

          • Bullwinkle

            “almost” isn’t good enough

      • dcd

        I don’t get comments like this. Yes, Columbia Heights is better than it was 25 years ago. But is the absolute nadir of a neighborhood really the standard by which we should judge it? Absolutely not. The fact is that crime and violence in CH and DC in general feel like they’re getting worse that they were 5 years ago. Are they really? Maybe, maybe not – I think the statistics cut both ways. But it sure feels that way. And any time there is a regression in such a short span of time that people who have lived there notice it, that’s going to create a problem.

        • Anon

          It’s really just a couple of blocks that have always been a problem. When I moved to the area 8 years ago, I was warned to be careful on Girard and Columbia near 14th street. Those are still the streets with the most problems. The rest of Columbia Heights might have issues from time to time, but overall I still feel safe.

  • Anonymous

    There were a ton of Bell students outside the Metro stop around 3:45 pm. Several without their shirts on, and school had only just let out. Not sure why the police didn’t disperse them much sooner.

  • Gallery Place NW

    What probably started off as a potential after school fight, was interrupted by a MPD police officer. As I approached the 30+ gathered students I saw one officer either holding his phone up or it was a student putting their phone in the officer’s face. When the officer went to grab one of the boys, the crowd coverged forward as if the were going to attack the officer. That’s when I knew it was time for me to head down into the station.

  • Anonymous

    There was a fight among 40+ students at the triangle at Quincy St & 13th St/Kansas Ave. No follow-up or arrests by MPD. Then this happens a week later? Shocker.

    • Nonanon

      Do you have details on this?

  • Anonymouse

    Where are the public comments from Councilmembers Kenny McDuffie and David Grosso? They oppose anyone getting arrested for “minor” things – because it’s disproportionate to arrest people for committing crimes. So what are their solutions? Pay kids not to commit crime? Take guns away from cops? Pass a resolution asking people to stop the violence?

  • stacksp

    According to the Washington Post, 3 youths were arrested.

    • According to PoPville too :) “Three subjects were placed under arrest and have been transported for processing.”

      • stacksp

        ahh… didnt see the update

  • 18th Street

    Public safety is more important than bending over backwards to stop these kids from continuing to ruin their own lives.

  • Thought

    Once again and for the record, I was against Brianne Nadeau before it was cool.


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