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  • MtP

    Completely agree, it looks really, really good in person and makes a big difference to the streetscape. Once Park Van Ness retail is filled, I think this stretch will be surprisingly lively.

  • Anon

    It’s a great addition to what had been mostly a concrete jungle. I just hope there’s an adequate plan to maintain it. Without regular weeding, trimming, etc., this plaza could start looking really overgrown. Kind of like what happens to the median on that stretch of Van Ness Street—it looks great after spring cleanup, but it turns into a tangle of weeds by mid-summer. Fingers crossed!

  • textdoc

    I still don’t like the building, but the landscaping looks good and I bet it’ll fill out nicely.

  • Accountering

    This really does look good… I really like it.
    Here’s hoping DC can get it’s act together, eliminate the 4 year college and just make this a really good CC for DC students.

  • Trip Throckmorton

    The mulch piles are much higher than street level which will run off, as it did yesterday, and look messy, which it did.

  • anonn

    Landscaping is the only good thing about that campus. It’s a brutalist (now plastic-cladding-ist) nightmare on a spot that used to be a beautiful campus. I’d even say that UDC : Old NBS Campus :: MSG : NY Penn Station


    • anonn

      Related: can any architecture people explain to me the new trend of putting plastic boards and randomly spaced windows on the sides of buildings? City Center and a bunch of other new buildings are doing it. It doesn’t seem durable and I can’t imagine it would age aesthetically any better than the now-hated brutalism.


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