Great Garden Haul Vol. 8 – Strawberry haul plus snap peas!

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2016 at 10:01 pm 12 Comments


“Mt Pleasant – strawberry haul plus snap peas!”

Ed. Note: When your gardens start to get full of tomatoes, cucumbers, whatever you’re growing – send an email to [email protected] with Garden Haul in the title and please include the neighborhood where you grew it.

  • MsBrieCheese

    Lovely! Congrats! How large is your plot?

  • MP

    I have a 4′ x 8′ plot in a community garden (plus a few pots in backyard).

  • Maire

    Great strawberry haul! Can you describe your setup? How many seasons have you been growing? How do you prevent critters from snatching the berries? I have some strawberry plants that are flourishing but some critter steals the berries (bites them off at the stem) before they ripen.

  • jumpingjack

    Gorgeous! I have three plants in containers. The plants are growing like gangbusters, but I’ve only gotten three strawberries out of them. And can only see a couple more on the way. Are some of these from your pots?

  • MPinDC

    I transplanted most of these last year (plus I have a few alpine strawberry plants that I grew from seed a few years ago). Added composted manure which I think made a difference. In my back yard, they’re growing in a large window box on the ground (which also has lettuce growing).
    A few were eaten by bunnies or slugs but the damge wasn’t significant and I didn’t do anything to protect them. If critters are eating your berries, try sprinkling something sharp like diamactious earth, crushed eggshells or sand on the soil to help keep away slugs. For bunnies, put some poultry netting or other protection around the strawberries once they start to ripen.

    • Maire

      Thanks! I will try the things you mentioned for critters. If your strawberries are growing in a window box, how are they vining out? I would love to grow mine in a container but I thought they needed a lot of room to spread out (and the ones in my front yard have spread out a lot).

      • MPinDC

        The strawberry plants in my community garden plot are taking over – they do want to run – I’m going to have to move some out after they finish producing.
        In the back yard planter, I can let the vines hang a bit but eventually direct them back into the planterr – it’s not a huge planter but a good size (1′ x 4′?), but not deep.

  • Erin

    1000% jealous of this strawberry haul! We’ve never been so lucky because of kids and rats (but these are BEAUTIFUL!)

  • elbeech

    Beautiful indeed! Smitten Kitchen just posted a not-entirely-gross looking recipe for strawberry milk if you need another use. Just because all of her recipes are good.

    • Anon

      I think milk in any form is gross, but I recently made her pink lemonade and pink lemonade bars with strawberries and they were delicious!

      • Jess

        Do yourself a favor and make the Smitten Kitchen strawberry summer cake. It’s freaking delicious and dead simple.

  • Pixie

    Oh man I’m so jealous of that strawberry haul!


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