• siz

    might just be tourist season getting into full swing – schools are just now letting out and it’s not too hot yet…

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Not sure about that. There are hundreds (thousands?) of hotels rooms available on Sunday night and hundreds available on Wednesday night, but pretty much nothing on Monday and Tuesday night. It is rather strange. I can’t imagine the city sells out every single hotel often (if ever).

      • anonymous

        Try a different website

        • Tsar of Truxton

          I don’t need a room (not the OP), so I don’t care, but I did try Orbitz instead of Kayak when I looked and still nothing. Sounds like (from below) that there are a few huge conferences. I am still surprised that all the hotels are sold out though.

  • Moe

    SHRM and ADC annual conference, for one.

  • ANC

    Looks like a big convention – look at their housing list!


    I’m an event planner and I can’t imagine contracting for that many rooms.

    • Some Event Planner

      Also in event planning — we do a city-wide conference of 10k or so attendees, occasionally in DC. If you are at that scale — which isn’t particularly big as confabs go — you will have 30+ hotels in DC as they are all small and give you very small blocks. Most other cities we will have a dozen at the outside.

      All that said, a decent sized conference combined with summer tourist season can chew up most inventory in DC.

      • ANC

        Our max block is 40 RNs. I get hives thinking about setting up that many separate blocks!

  • stacksp

    Monday and Tuesday is the AWS Summit. Im attending with coworkers as we work in the Cyber Security field and actually do business with AWS

  • brian

    Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is having annual meeting at Convention Center, over 15,000 attendees expected.

  • Anonamom

    It’s probably a bunch of different events. In my previous career life, I always found that the only time I would need to book a last minute hotel room for an out of town guest would be when there were multiple conferences going on.

  • dcd

    It’s my anniversary. Someone must be throwing us a surprise party.

    • Anon

      Oh crud, the cat’s out. At least pretend to be surprised on Tuesday.

  • brooksider09

    Airbnb is also pretty thoroughly gutted — took me a few days of searching to rent an apartment for more than $200 for the night (oof).

  • Bruce

    The mile 14 camp ground on the C&O is the best kept secret in cheap accommodation in DC. Tent required. You can thank me later.

  • Hospitality Queen

    Generally speaking, during busier seasons (March – June, September – October) in DC, you will rarely find many hotels downtown selling a Tuesday night for one night only. Tuesdays are generally the highest demand day for hotels. Most hotels reserve their Tuesday inventory for people who are arriving Sunday or Monday and staying for multiple nights. It maximizes their revenue. Compound that with large conventions in town and you’ll be lucky to get anything down town if you aren’t arriving Sunday and staying through three or four nights.

    Remember, when you search for a hotel, if a room isn’t available, it doesn’t mean the hotel is sold out. It just means it is not offering a room for the length of stay you’re looking for. And for most larger hotel chains, searching Orbitz, Expedia, etc. makes no difference because the systems all pull inventory from the same place and most large hotel brands won’t sell on different channels at different prices.

  • scupper


  • anonymous

    In addition to what others said, the SelectUSA Summit starts on Sunday. My parents wanted to come and stay through Monday, but it was nearly impossible in the Dupont Circle area.

  • Effie

    I definitely agree this may have something to do with SHRM conference.


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