Bonobos opening second “Guideshop” June 24th at The Shay

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2016 at 11:25 am 12 Comments

8th and Florida Ave, NW (1924 8th Street, NW)

From a press release:

“E-commerce-driven menswear brand Bonobos is bringing their fresh take on retail to Washington, D.C. again with the opening of their second Guideshop on June 24, 2016 at The Shay, located in the up-and-coming Shaw neighborhood. The newest Bonobos Guideshop at The Shay is is a 1,100 square-foot store serving as a highly personal extension of the brand’s comprehensive customer service for those who want to see and try on the clothing in-person before placing an order online.

This “e-commerce store” showcases the expansive website offering in a range of sizes to try on with Bonobos.com serving as a virtual stockroom. Pioneered by Bonobos in 2011, the innovative Guideshop model evolves the shopping experience by focusing on the customer and eliminating hassles associated with a traditional retail store.

Rather than searching for assistance, customers are assigned a Guide upon arrival. Similar to personal shoppers, Bonobos Guides are experts trained in fit and style who guide customers through the wide range of Bonobos merchandise, including suits, shirts, chinos, shorts, swim, blazers and even golf apparel. Size and style preferences are more likely to be available as inventory is housed in a single location instead of spread across multiple stores. Finally, purchases are shipped free-of-charge directly to the customer eliminating the load of carrying around cumbersome bags.

With fit and styling as the focus, the Guideshop is designed around the fitting room experience complete with a lounge space for friends and family. The Bonobos Guideshop at The Shay is designed with white oak, hickory and black steel fixtures with an all glass storefront for a masculine and modern aesthetic. Curated artwork and other design elements complete the space.

Bonobos Guideshop at The Shay is the brand’s twenty-second store nationwide.The Guideshop is located at 1924 8th Street NW. The retail entrance is conveniently located on U Street between 8th Street NW and 9th Street NW. Hours of operation are Monday – Sunday from 11am-7pm. Guideshop appointments can be scheduled by visiting www.bonobos.com/guideshop. Walk-ins are welcome and appointments are always complimentary.”

  • wdc

    Aren’t bonobos the famously oversexed primates?

    • yep

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Not inappropriate, considering all the straight-out-of-college kids who seem to be occupying Shaw in swarms these days.

      • Anon

        No need t be jealous ;-)

        • Philippe Lecheval

          Oh, I am so jealous of the reemergence of syphilis ;-)

          • Anon

            Oh come on – not at the dinner table again!

      • Shaw_Resident

        What’s the issue with “straight-out-of-college kids” moving to Shaw? I think everyone would agree Shaw has grown and developed nicely in the past 5 years.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          It was just an observation. I don’t have an issue with it, do you?

        • Anon

          OP is essentially shaking a fist at those gosh-darned clouds for getting in the way of their sunshine. Now, where’s that onion on my belt…?

  • LittleBluePenguin

    That is a hell of a lot of words to say “we’ve opened a store at the Shay; come try on clothes.” Ugh. This makes me feel nauseous for some reason.

  • Anonymous Shaw Dweller

    Bring ’em on!

  • I Dont Get It

    I was just discussing this with my friends at the Shay no one I know ever said.


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