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ZZ Pizza & Kabob closes on North Capitol

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2016 at 10:25 am 20 Comments

North Capitol and P St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Not exactly a DC staple, but ZZ Pizza & Kabob on North Cap and P recently closed its doors as the North Cap revitalization continues. I don’t think it will be missed by many. Any idea what might be going in?”

Ed. Note: ZZ Pizza & Kabob opened up back in June 2010. Updates when we learn who takes over the space.


  • Anon

    This place was horrible.

  • spookiness

    That window a/c unit through the plate glass window was a classy touch.

  • dc_anon

    Its been closed for a couple of months now and is a Douglas property, so probably a substantial rent hike and will now remain vacant for another 5 years like the parking lot and opposite corner

    • Anon

      I still wonder why Douglas decided to develop Hechts before building on all that empty land in NoMa. I know it’s likely due to a lack of cash, but come on..

      • a

        waiting for REI.

        • Truxtoner

          The empty lot Anon speaks of is nowhere near REI.

      • dc_anon

        The Hechts building was a surprising show of initiative since their usual m.o. is buy early, develop last (uline, wonderbread, chinatown). My guess is they’re waiting for the rest of the land in Noma to fill up before breaking ground on anything. The peoples building around the corner almost put Jemal in jail a few years ago and rumor had it the huge plot at N.Cap was being positioned to house the baseball stadium.

        • Anon

          Wow – interesting news about the large lot being possibly positioned for a baseball stadium. Perhaps he’s hoping to attract a new arena here since Leonsid seems to be itching to move? (Though perhaps that’s just grandstanding.)

  • Truxtoner

    I’d love a dry cleaners, to be honest. There isn’t one in Truxton and the one up in Bloomingdale is a bit of a hike. But god knows there’s plenty of room to put something/anything on that stretch of North Capitol. I tend to think it’ll indeed sit empty for a while.

    • ace

      Agreed, that would be great. Dry Cleaner, hardware store, coffee shop – just please not a Boost Mobile or Chinese takeout.

      • Rumor from decently reliable sources is that there will be a coffee shop in the old Steve’s Market location (First and P) in the relatively near future. Fingers crossed!

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Supposedly, a cafe and two condos above. That said, Big Bear is like 2-3 blocks from here, and Uncle Chips serves coffee, so I am not sure that a coffee shop is really all that necessary. A dry-cleaner would be a good idea.

          • Truxtoner

            I would be fine going somewhere other than Uncle Chips or Big Bear for coffee if given half the chance. But yeah, I also heard it was supposed to be a cafe. They have started making some progress on it the last few weeks. I saw a new glass door go in and they have added a few windows at the entrance.

    • Anon Spock

      There is a dry cleaners at 1725 4th st nw, 4th @ Florida. That is truxton circle according to Google maps.

      • Truxtoner

        Yes, if you live on the northern end of Truxton that is probably convenient assuming it is decent. But That’s really the very top of Truxton. And a hike for anyone who lives down near the Hanover end of Truxton.

      • Anon

        Thanks for the pedantry, but that location is just as far from ZZ’s as the Bloomingdale dry cleaners

  • Rick

    When I moved to North Capitol Street, and DC, in 2010, this was one of the first places I visited, and I ordered frequently from there for the sake of convenience. The food was mediocre at best, but this makes me sad none the less.

  • PJ

    I wish an Ace Hardware would open there.

  • Truxtonish

    Dry cleaners and a hardware store! YES!


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