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You’re Going the Wrong Way Vol. 216 Grant Circle Edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2016 at 10:00 am 16 Comments


Wayan on the scene with the details:

“May 10 – For Immediate Release – Grant Circle, Petworth

At 1am on Tuesday morning, an unidentified driver achieved a new inadvertent parking record for Grant Circle. While speeding southbound on New Hampshire Avenue NW, they were surprised by the appearance of Grant Circle, an established neighborhood landmark, and instead of proceeding around the Circle, attempted to bisect it.

While they we unsuccessful in creating a new shortcut through the Circle, they did achieve a new distance record, almost reaching the inner sidewalk before stopping.

Sadly, they killed a tree in the process, cutting short a life of promise. Area residents were shocked by the loss and have vowed to badger the National Park Service for a replacement, hopefully with reflective bark.

DC parking enforcement arrived shorty after the police, noting that Grant Circle is a No Parking Zone. [Yes, I swear that really happened!]”

  • Anonymous

    Watch your back, Pat Collins!

  • jim_ed

    Weird. Saturday afternoon walking through Grant Circle there were fairly recent tire tracks and a bunch of car undercarriage debris. How do people keep running off into the circle?

  • NH Ave Hiker

    People driving like maniacs all the time through that circle. I’ve almost been killed multiple times while attempting to cross it on foot.

    • General Grant Circle

      The General seconds this. I am thinking of setting up riflemen on horses and guard posts….

  • madmonk28

    I was in the circle when a car ran into it. He was drunk and from Maryland. It used to be more common when the circle wasn’t lit and didn’t have the signs and traffic markings it does now.

    • frustrated

      Considering it is the second time it has happened this week I am not sure it is less common – unfortunately.

  • frustrated

    The 2nd time this week! Grant Circle is such a hazard for pedestrians and painting all those lines didn’t help anything. DDOT didn’t even finish the project. The didn’t paint the end of the parking box on the North side of the Circle going North. All the constructions crews working on the condos park their vehicles right up to the cross walk and you can’t see around them to cross. All the cars cut the turn short so if you step out to look around the vehicle your chances of getting clobbered are pretty high!

    Ddot’s response to fixing that issue was “we’ll do it in the spring”. Not really sure why it couldn’t be done when they were out here the first time around since they literally just have to paint a few lines.

    • textdoc

      I don’t understand why Grant Circle even has two lanes; there’s only one lane of traffic in each direction on the northern side of the circle. Is it really necessary to provide a “passing” lane for such a short distance? And on a circle??
      I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a car go from the inner lane directly into an exit without bothering to get into the outer lane first. And of course without signaling.

      • NH Ave Hiker

        yea, it really doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t help the flow of traffic, because everyone has to exit out of the right eventually anyways.

      • frustrated

        Yeah, it really is terrible. I live right there so I cross it daily and can’t count the number of near misses or ridiculous things people do in that Circle.

        I also can’t count the number of times I have been screamed out for merely being in the crosswalk and having the audacity to not want to be ran over by a car…

      • Glen

        And to add to the confusion, the turn lines separating the inner/outer lanes from the circle to New Hampshire are dotted. To me, that would mean that the outer lane vehicles can drive through and not have to turn. I guess I can see the point of that, but the inner lane doesn’t have a solid line to tell the driver not to turn onto New Hampshire (fat lot of good that will do, I know), so potentially the outer lane vehicle could go straight while the inner lane vehicle thinks they can turn into the outer car.

        • ugh

          It’s even worse, the inner lane dotted line has a bit of a curve in it right at the exit, implying that the inner-lane driver can/exit.

          Of course, if you use the inner lane but want to exit southbound at Illinois or 5th(?), you’re almost certain to get hit by someone entering into the “open” outer lane from New Hampshire northbound.

          At least people aren’t (usually) going three lanes across anymore.

          • textdoc

            Every time I’m going northbound on New Hampshire and entering that circle, I’m always looking for people in the inner lane who are trying to make a last-minute shift into the outer lane.
            The inner lane just shouldn’t exist. The ability to pass a slow person before you get on the one-lane-per-direction stretch of northbound New Hampshire just isn’t worth it.
            People have also noted how when a car in one lane actually _does_ stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, often other cars will use the presence of the other lane to (illegally) zip around the stopped car, making things even more dangerous for the pedestrian.

      • GrantCircleRez


  • C_petworth

    the write up for this was hilarious!

  • zandunga

    I live in the stretch on New Hampshire between Buchanan and Grant Circle. There are way too many accidents but for some reason the city took away cross guards and speed camera.


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