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  • DC1

    Cleveland Park. 3530 Newark St NW.

    • Please just block not exact address – thanks.

      • Stavros

        It clearly says 3530 right on it.

        • I know but just as a matter of practice for future posts.

        • HillEaster


  • Trey

    3500 block of Newark St NW, in Cleveland Park.

  • MarkQ

    One of my favorite blocks in CP; a row of modern houses blossoming out of nowhere amidst the grand Victorian and Georgian splendor of the neighborhood. Did one builder build them all? What’s the story?

  • Michael

    The house was designed by Travis Price, a DC architect and architecture professor at CUA – it’s his private residence

    • ah

      Kind of amazed he could get the fussbudgets on Newark Street to allow a house in this style.

    • Bob

      No it’s not his private residence. It belongs to longtime CP residents who built it about 10 years ago.


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