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  • No clue but I want it.

  • stacksp

    Nice and cheaper than 1.8M I’m sure

    • transplanted


  • ecklikewhoa

    Shepard Park?

    • HaileUnlikely

      It would look right at home in Shepherd Park, but I don’t recognize this house as being there. I initially mistook this for a specific house in Colonial Village (on Redwood; looks a whole lot like this house) but it’s not that house either. Given that, I’m going to go with the odds and guess it’s within a mile or so radius of Dan’s house.

    • textdoc

      I too was going to guess Shepherd Park.

  • ClevelandParker

    I think Van Ness neighborhood, maybe even Van Ness Street?

  • hoboinnoma

    I love this style of house. Would love to know where it is so I know of another neighborhood we can’t afford…

  • MPinDC

    Cleveland Park is my guess, might be on Porter St near 34th

  • timmyp

    Wesley Heights maybe? 44th and Cathedral?

  • OldinAM

    Still curious–where IS this house?

    • Van Ness/North Cleveland Park/Tenleytown on Van Ness Street east of Wisconsin Ave.


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