• Jack5

    This is great news! Now if we can just unleash armies of cats and lizards in neighborhoods, they’ll kill all the rats and mosquitoes (respectively)!

    • jaybird

      If you want to cut down on mosquitoes put out a bat house (or two).

      • Jack5

        Let’s just let all the animals out of the zoo and see what transpires! :l

  • General Grant Circle

    I…was literally about to send this in…

  • andy

    I’ve heard they’re into flipping houses.

  • Varnum neighbor

    I saw the two vultures this morning, and when we got closer, my dog started howling to them, felling sorry for the opossum. RIP.

  • tke98

    I was walking my dog down Webster last week, not too far from the circle, and a bird, that looked exactly like this one, dropped a half eaten rat on the sidewalk right in front of me. I was at first disgusted, and then elated that there was now one less rat in the world.

  • Techite70

    Just this afternoon I was looking out the window in Hyattsville, when I saw a bird with a huge wing span fly over the backyard. It landed on a neighbor’s roof. I swear it was as big as a turkey, as I so remarked to the person with whom I was speaking on the phone. He thought I was hallucinating, but now I’m fairly certain it was a “vulture”. There was someone walking down the street and this bird kept his eye on that person the entire time, moving his body in sync as she walked along. Real creepy. Have we always had vultures in the Washington metro area in residential neighborhoods or have they been talking to the deer?

  • Pahbs

    That there is a black vulture. They are 1 of 2 vulture species in this region (the other is the larger turkey vulture). They are all over the place. Its not hard to see them every day around here, but it isn’t common to see them in the ground (usually just when they’re feeding on carrion). They’re usually soaring high up, riding thermal currents.


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